This amazing car promo gift is a wonderful product for companies in the automobile industry to include within their marketing campaigns. It has a great exposure to the clients and it is really useful for people as it can be set up in matter of seconds and is perfect for road trips or when people go for a trip near a river where they can stay in their cars over night.

The product is an inflatable air mattress and can be adjusted into any car in terms of size. It is made out of PVC and can be mass produced cheaply in China.

Below we can see an image representing this car promo gift:

Inflatable air mattresses as a promo gift for car companies

Inflatable air mattresses as a promo gift for car companies


 How can car companies use this car promo gift to retain their main customers?

The main reason behind using these kind of products as a promo gift is to be able to offer our customers solutions at reasonable pricing. People will always keep this product in their cars as will definitely find the best way of using it as when we go on a weekend to the mountain or lakes we tend to sleep in tents.

With this promo gift people will be sleeping in their cars and will be able to use the AC or heater depending on the conditions.

Car rental companies tend to get many customers for tourism reasons, mainly in airports. Offering this promo gift as a giveaway would complement their trip and will definitely make them feel valued as a customer as they getting something back from the company, which could be free.

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Living out of your car has never looked so comfortable and luxurious as it does now thanks to the inflatable car bed!