Are most of us still using a calculator for study or work? The flip down calculator is definitely a useful marketing tool for your company no matter what industry you are in.

Kid's good study tool-calculator and clock

Promotional flip down calculators are extremely useful for people to do sales and accounting as well as having a clock on the other side. This fantastic and useful marketing tool can help you to increase more of your focus towards work efficiently anywhere you are.

Why does ODM suggest the flip down calculator as a useful marketing tool?

People love receiving useful gifts, so please your customers with an innovative and useful marketing tool. You will get the benefit from it, even though it will take you some budget. Flip down calculator will definitely delight your customer.  Your brand is visible on the flip down calculator, there is a nice enough space for logo printing.

Calculator and clock promotional gift

How will flip down calculator help make your clients’ life easier?


With size of 6.0*3.5*11.5cm, the calculator has a proper size to put on the desk with multi-functions. This kind of calculator can be distinguished from other designs due to combining dual-sided LCD clock and temperature display.  It’s also used as a Count down timer. One side is digital LCD clock; one side is calculator. Offering the flip down calculator to your customers, you are offering them a useful promotional product. Now they don’t need to worry that they have to prepare a calender, clock and temperature calculator at the same time on the stuffy desk. It has a convenient size to put on the desk and very easy to use.


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