El Corte Inglés is the biggest department store group in Europe and ranks fourth worldwide. This store is headquartered in Madrid, Spain and is the only remaining department store chain as well as owner of several associated businesses. Recently, the store has been handing out a giveaway for the purchase of at least €200; this is a ruler with calculator.

We can see a picture of this giveaway below:


Giveaway by El Corte Inglés: Ruler with Calculator

Giveaway by El Corte Inglés: Ruler with Calculator


How does a giveaway like this one help our business to increase customer relationships?

In order to succeed in the business world, our brand needs to have a balanced marketing plan. Not every business can afford or has the time to plan out and conduct a perfect marketing program, but there are many ways that we can add value to our company. This is where promotional items fit in. Many people would ask themselves: Does a giveaway really work? Are they worth spending the money? What can they do to my business? Well, we all know that if we focus the appropriate target and tackle our key customers we will receive many benefits. However, we need to also focus in our other clients to make sure they come back to our business to make another purchase.

We also need to think about what we want to achieve by introducing a giveaway like Corte Inglés has done. Most of the time businesses use universal products like pens and magnets which are not that unique nowadays. If we offer our clients creative product ideas that they will find useful in their day to day life, this will obviously make the difference.

There are plenty of promotional products out there to choose from; therefore we can avoid the usual pens, pencils and keychains. If we put major efforts in our marketing work, this will definitely be invested in the future with high profit margins.