Here is a giveaway from Payot. Simply purchase $130 worth of Payot’s products and this stylish towel is yours! This promo towel will definitely come in handy. Furthermore, Payot has established itself by embroidering its logo on the towels. This creates brand awareness and promotes brand recall in the long run which makes it an ideal giveaway.

Giveaway by Payot in Russia: Promo Towel

Giveaway by Payot in Russia: Promo Towel

How can this giveaway help to increase sales for Payot?

This giveaway is small and easy to carry around which makes it suitable for camp, gym or travelling purposes. Other brands can also make use of this similar giveaway to attract and retain more customers. Moreover, towels are multi-purpose and can be used as bath towels as well. It is not too big in size which allows users to bring it out for washing up after gym sessions or travelling overseas.

The promo towels can come in many different colours according to the companies’ preferences, such as violet, blue, green, yellow, red and pink. With many different colours, the towels would be able to attract more customers to make high purchases at their stores. This would help to boost sales for the companies.

Companies can brand their company logos on the promo towels to increase customers’ brand awareness when they use these towels outside. Whenever customers use these towels, they would remember the company and this would in turn induce repeat purchases which builds customer loyalty.

Building up brand recognition is easy when you use promotional products, the only question is which ones should you use to make the biggest impression? Plenty of small items, a few larger items, or a mix of both? Well, this will depend largely on your marketing strategy and budget.

A summary of the case for our Russia followers:

Не пропустите новую акцию от косметической компании Payot, при покупке продукции Payot на сумму от 4000 рублей, Вы получите  эксклюзивное пляжное полотенце с логотипом компании. Плюс ко всему, подарочное полотенце высокого качества, поэтому и эффект от промо-акции будет заметен еще долгое время.