You have probably heard of the “Baby Shark” song this past year and is tired by it as it is overplayed by toddlers and children. Since the last year, Baby Shark themed promotional products is the trend in marketing FMCG products, as many children are big fanatics for the cartoon characters. Recently, I came across these custom hand towels as on-pack gifts by Nestle’s Milo in a supermarket in Singapore. There is a collection of them and the designs include a shark, unicorn, and dinosaur.

Custom Hand Towels

Custom Hand Towels

Milo is a popular drink in Singapore and South East Asia and kids love to drink them any time of the day. Having these cartoon characters embroidered on the custom hand towels is really an intelligent marketing strategy by the brand to boost drink sales. We will discuss how Milo is successful in their marketing campaign and how brands can model their way.


Here is Why We Love this Marketing Strategy and Hacks to Successful Marketing to Kids

Cartoon Characters Creates Pester Power

Nestle is very strategic with jumping on the Baby Shark bandwagon as the cartoon characters are well-loved by young children.

Custom Hand Towels

Custom Hand Towels

Kids love watching cartoons TV shows or Youtube videos. When they see their favourite cartoon characters on on-pack merchandise like these custom hand towels, they will pester their parents to buy the product in order to get the free item.

Overall, having such licensed merchandise will create pester power and hence boosting your brand sales.


Capture Shoppers’ Attention

This on-pack promotion can also entice parents to buy the product as they will think that their kids will like the free gift. Hence, Nestle will have an upper hand over its competitors as shoppers are more inclined to purchase their products.



Custom Hand Towels are very practical items and have high utility. Children are very active and love to play so they get sweaty very easily. Plus, in Singapore, it is very warm and humid. Thus, having a towel along with them is very useful to wipe off their sweat.


On-Pack Collectibles

The custom hand towels as a collection. Collectible gift with purchase can drive impulse buys as some shoppers will want to have a whole collection of it. This can also ensure customer loyalty. Plus, Singaporeans love Milo, so they will not mind buying as many packets as they can!


Gift Packaging

Each towel comes in a plastic canister. This will protect the towel from getting stained or dirty. Also, having a plastic container can make the product feel more premium and hence boosting the overall perceived value of the brand.

Custom Hand Towels

Custom Hand Towels

Areas of Improvement for This Promotion

The products were displayed in a cardboard carton and probably not that visually appealing. Also, they are placed together with other drink brands so it may not be that effective in capturing shoppers’ attention.

Custom Hand Towels

Custom Hand Towels

An area of improvement can be having a POS display or Floor display to improve the overall visual appeal. Nestle can also consider having hanging store signage in the supermarket to make their promotion stand out more.


Our Overall Takeaways

To sum up, this promotion is indeed a smart move by the brand to entice more shoppers to purchase their products and boost their sales. Having licensed branded merchandise as an on-pack gift with purchase can make your FMCG brand stand out from your competitors.

To come up with interesting merchandise for kids for your FMCG brand, it should be practical and interesting. Having trendy cartoon characters on your product is a plus as it creates pester power. Hence, your brand should follow the latest trends and have a good understanding of the target market.


How ODM can help

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