Wearing masks for a long time can give discomfort to the back of your ears or even cause abrasions. This is especially more challenging for frontline workers such as those working in healthcare, supermarkets, and F&B outlets. Therefore, a custom ear saver is a great promotional item to relieve the pain behind the ears.

Custom Ear Saver

Custom Ear Saver

Furthermore, when businesses and schools start to reopen, people should still wear masks to protect themselves and others. Why not give them custom ear savers that will be very useful?


What is a Custom Ear Saver?

They are tension release bands, usually made of silicone, worn at the back of the head. There are hooks to hold the elastic straps of surgical masks (woven and non-woven masks) which makes wearing masks more comfortably.

Custom Ear Saver

Custom Ear Saver

Why a Custom Ear Saver?


They can be customised to whatever design and colour you like. You can also brand your company logo on them and give them as corporate gifts.

Custom Ear Saver

Custom Ear Saver

Also, there are designs for kids with cartoon characters on them. This can entice children and will want their parents to get them one!


Good Cause

Having custom ear savers can continue to encourage people to wear their masks. Mask wearers will no longer feel discomfort behind their ears when wearing their masks and can wear them for a long time. With many design possibilities, they can be very fashionable accessories.

For children, having cute cartoons on them will encourage them to wear their masks in schools and they may also want to flash their ear saver design to their friends.


Boost Brand Image

Offering this practical item to people, especially frontline workers, can help boost your company’s brand image. They will definitely appreciate your gift as they have to wear masks all the time. Also, customers can have a positive impression of your brand as someone who looks after the well-being of front line workers.


Employee Gifts

Now, employees are starting to return to their offices, it is a great time for the company to show their appreciation to their employees with “We Miss You” gifts. A custom ear saver will be very useful for them especially in work environments where they are encouraged to wear masks. They will feel appreciated by the company and will continue to work harder.

Custom Ear Saver

Custom Ear Saver


Our Learning Points

A custom ear saver is indeed a very useful product for all to use to make wearing masks for comfortable. Having them as custom promotional gifts or appreciation gifts can also boost your brand image. Why not thank the front line workers, who are risking their lives providing essential services, with giving them this product?


Interested in this product? do not hesitate to contact our team. Remember to quote the code ODM-3009 (Kids size) or ODM-3010 (Standard size).


How the ODM Group can help

Our team is committed to manufacturing high-quality custom promotional merchandise. We provide a broad range of services to assist you with your promotional product needs.


Also, at ODM, we can assist you with a broad range of COVID19-related supplies such as branded paper soapcustom face mask pouchhand sanitizer packaging, branded restaurant dividers, and custom brass door opener keychain.


ODM is committed to working with partners as a Transparent Buying Office. We work open book with clients, factories, and suppliers. It is critical to get supplies moving fast and to have fair market pricing during the current Pandemic. Check out other #Covid19 and #coronavirus related posts.


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