When traveling with pets, it is important to ensure that your fur babies are safe and comfortable. Some pets are not used to traveling so they often end up anxious and restless while on the road. So, keep them comfy with a pet car bag! If you are looking to offer custom pet products for your pet-loving customers, then this dog car bag should be in your next marketing plan!

Custom Pet Products

Custom Pet Products


Custom Pet Products: Why Offer this Dog Car Bag?

There is a huge demand for pet products in the market. People are always looking for accessories to make car trips with pets hassle-free. So here are the reasons you should offer a dog car bag.


1. Travel with Ease and Comfort

Pets tend to get anxious especially the first time they travel. Sometimes, they even get in the way of your driving and this can be very dangerous. No matter how much you want to play with your pets, restraining them during car trips can protect everyone in the car. This is why pet car bags are important.

Custom Pet Products

Custom Pet Products


2. Keep Pets Safe

This bag is breathable and sustainable so your fur babies remain comfortable in their seats during road trips. It also has adjustable straps to keep the bag securely in place. Connect the straps to the passenger seat to ensure that the bag will not topple over no matter how much the car moves.

Custom Pet Products

Custom Pet Products


3. Great for Pets with Injuries

If you are traveling with injured pets, it is best to keep them restrained in a crate or a pet bag. A harness or leash may put pressure on their injured neck or back. A bag may restrict their movements but it nonetheless keeps them securely in place in a sudden braking motion.


4. No Litter!

As this car bag is waterproof, pee and water will not seep through the fabric. As they are contained in one place, cleaning your car is a breeze.


5. Foldable

Unlike crates, this bag is foldable, so pet owners can just fold them whenever they are not in use. Fold it and keep it in the back of the car so it is always ready for use.

Custom Pet Products

Custom Pet Products


We usually see dog bowls and dog tags as dog promotional gifts as they are rather inexpensive and manufacturing in bulk will not hurt your marketing budget. However, a pet car bag can also be a great place to advertise your company. Here’s why a dog car bag is an excellent pet industry promotional idea.


Custom Pet Products: How Do You Advertise with a Dog Car Bag?

Who Can Advertise With this Dog Car Bag?

  • Animal nutrition companies that sell vitamins, food, and supplements
  • For businesses that sell pet accessories
  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Automotive Companies
  • Real Estate Agencies
  • Pet Shops

With a dog car bag, there is a huge space for branding and customization. Businesses can also choose the colors they want for their bags to better represent their brand.

Custom Pet Products

Custom Pet Products

Aside from offering this as a retail product, business owners can also offer them as a gift with purchase with other pet products. Or, if you are a dealership company, you may offer this as a freebie for every car sold to customers who own pets. This a good opportunity to show that your company also cares for their extended family members.

Custom pet products such as this dog car bag are also a great way to raise awareness of the importance of pet adoption. Shelters and animal rights organizations can also offer this pet car bag as part of their fund-raising and promotional activities and events. They can also brand the bag with their contact information and website to raise awareness about pet adoption.


How Can We Help?

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Here at ODM, we have a wide range of custom promotional merchandise for your business. While most of our projects involve taking the challenge of designing and manufacturing high-quality marketing gifts and POS displays, we can also help with other promotional items such as pet products and novelty accessories.

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