Promotional products are so variable, but check out this plastic cat bowl given out by Happy Cat in Germany!

Promotional Products Germany – Plastic Cat Bowl by Happy Cat

This cat bowl is great for putting cat food to feed your cat or storing water for it to drink. It is made of plastic and is easy to clean. It is also light-weight and durable. It is weather-proof and can be placed outdoors. Happy Cat has branded its logo on the pet bowl to increase brand awareness. This will also boost brand recall and enhance brand loyalty so that customers will continue to purchase cat food from Happy Cat.

Why do we like these Promotional Products?

  • Brand awareness. To feed the cat is a task you need to do every day a lot of times. Because of that the cat owner will see your brand image every day several times and it will be settled in his head, so he might will not think about buying a product by a different company.
  • Practicality. The Fact that you actually can use this promotion gift every day. Additional Your not in the need of buying a cat bowl makes this promotional product a very smart and practical one.
  • Incentive Product. This promotional product is a good way of adding value to cat related products, such as cat food.  Cat bowls can also give the costumers a reason to buy this product, as they are getting more as they are paying for.

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