If your dogs run out in the dark you might want to have such thing called pet collars, which helps you to find your dog in darkness and on really rainy days. Pet collars are among the biggest pet products on the market. Not only are there many stylish designs available, there are many practical collars designed for better safety.

Promotional Idea – Illuminated Pet Collars

The sales for illuminated pet collars is going wild – these are reportedly selling like hotcakes. The cool design attracts attention to other dog owners or people, who are scared of dogs and makes car drivers aware of the presence of the pet. Furthermore, this illuminated collar is an effective way to boost your brand image. Brand it with your logo to increase brand awareness. This illuminated collar is so eye catching especially for a walk at night. This will also enforce brand recall.

Why do we like Promotional ideas?

  • Brand awareness. To brand an Pet collar is very clever, as not only the pet owner but also every over person, who is coming near to the dog is seeing this.


  • Increase your revenue. To have an constantly awareness of the brand will increase your revenue as it does add value to the actual product.


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A couple of words for our Russian readers:

В магазинах для животных появилось большое количество ошейников для животных. Cветящиеся ошейники для собак – это новый тренд и необходимая деталь для прогулок в темное время суток. Он по-настоящему яркий и заметный.