If you are in the pet care industries, this custom dog bowl could be a great custom promotional merchandise. It is a bowl for animal food in many different colors. This bowl is compact which makes it a great on-pack giveaway or gift with purchase.

Dog Bowl

Dog Bowl


How can a Custom Dog Bowl Boost your promotions?

Brand Remembrance

This dog bowl is really useful for dog owners when they are traveling. It will be easy to bring this bowl. Brand the product with your company logo and they will surely remember your products and brand for a long time.

Be the buzz at events

They are great to offer at events such as “Bring your own pet Day”, Pet Adoption Fairs, or Dog Shows. Many dog owners will definitely be drawn to your promotion and will want to have this innovative product.

Drive Impulse Buys

Having them as a gift with purchase will entice customers to buy your products in order to get this innovative and practical pet accessory. This will help boost your overall sales.


If you are interested in this product, feel free to contact us anytime. Do remember to quote the product code ODM-1737!


Or if you are looking for something very specialized, we also have an in-house design team, Mindsparkz, to assist you with any design or brainstorming needs!

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custom dog bowl

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