On March 23, take a short break and celebrate #NationalPuppyDay! Dogs are not just goofy, loving creatures, but they are also our loyal friends. Celebrate this day with some Pawsome products that will keep them happy, healthy, and strong.

Happy National Puppy Day!

Happy National Puppy Day!

If you are a pet care brand looking for a way to promote your business, then pet accessories are your best bet! Branded pet accessories are a surefire way to connect with your target market and get your brand noticed. Customizing a promotional dog bowl for your business is a good start.

Promotional Dog Bowl

Promotional Dog Bowl


Marketing to pet owners can be very challenging. Pet care is a booming industry and people have plenty of options when it comes to veterinary clinics, grooming shops, and pet care brands. One way to survive this “dog-eat-dog” industry is to offer unique and unforgettable promo gifts that customers can use for many years, such as this collapsible silicone food bowl.


Promotional Dog Bowl- Features & Benefits

  • Made from silicone, this dog bowl is definitely sturdy and flexible. This ensures that your promotional product will last long enough to drive your company’s brand message.
  • Storage is also a breeze since it is collapsible, light, and compact.
  • Perfect for road trips. Pet parents will need a bowl to keep their furry babies fed and hydrated during their trips.
Promotional Dog Bowl

Promotional Dog Bowl

  • The carabiner allows pet owners to attach the bowl to their belt loops or bag zippers so that they do not lose them.
  • Noise-cancelling. Thanks to its non-skid property, pet owners can be sure that the bowl will not slide or topple over when their furry babies become a bit too excited gobbling their food.


Why a Promotional Dog Bowl Can be an Excellent Promo Idea?

Subtle Branding

Promotional gifts are a silent yet powerful way to promote your brand. They do the selling in a less obvious manner, so people do not feel pressured about buying. Instead, customers are being incentivized every time they choose your products over others.

Unlimited and Cost-Effective Advertisement

A printed custom dog bowl offers unlimited brand exposure at a very low cost. They can be ordered in bulk without putting a dent in your marketing budget. And since they are practical, everyday items, you can be sure that they will be of use to your target market.

Promotional Dog Bowl

Promotional Dog Bowl


Various Design Options

Often, customers choose specific colors or designs that match their pet’s personality, which is cool. This means there are many ways to customize them within a marketing campaign. But you should first define who will use this. For instance, given their smaller bodies, tiny dogs would need smaller and shallower bowls. Likewise, large dogs would need a bigger feeding container. You may also want to create different color bowls so that pet parents can have a wide range of choices to choose from.


This custom pet product is designed with portability and convenience in mind. Pet parents love to take their pets on a road trip. This means an opportunity to offer a branded pet product that they can use while on the road and a chance to show off your brand.

Promotional Dog Bowl

Promotional Dog Bowl


Serves as a Business Card

Whether you need to boost in-store sales, raise funds for your advocacy, or promote your pet clinic, a branded pet bowl is such an excellent promotional product option. The center of the bowl can be printed with your logo and contact information. So should the need for your services arise, pet owners can always contact the numbers indicated in the bowl.


Bringing It All Together

Are you working in the pet care sector? If so, take advantage of the unlimited advertising benefits of a promotional dog bowl. Use these branded dish bowls to spread the word about your services and your cause. Whether you want to raise funds for your cause, raise awareness about animal diseases and vaccinations, or promote pet adoption, these promotional dog bowls would serve as a great advertising tool.


How can ODM Help?

Would promotional dog bowls help your marketing campaign? Then, feel free to contact our team about our custom pet bowls and quote product code ODM-3324. We will help you design, source, and manufacture promotional pet products that suit your branding needs. Other pet essentials to consider are illuminated pet collars, toys, and carrier bags.

Let us know how our team can help you out.

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What Pet Accessories Should I Use to Market my Brand?

We particularly love silicone collapsible pet bowls as they are extremely versatile, durable, and customizable. Even though pets will use this product, pet owners are the ones directly being advertised to.

Is silicone food bowl safe for pets?

Yes and aside from being food-grade safe, it is also easy to clean. With proper maintenance, it can even last for many years.

How Do I Advertise with a Promotional Dog Bowl?

Pet bowls can serve as a business card. They put your brands in front of your target market. This is ideal for Veterinary clinics, pet groomers, and pet care companies.