When it comes to promotional mugs, the design possibilities are endless! Promotional mugs with logo are a marketing manager’s favorite promo item. Being cost-effective, the ability to be fashioned into any shape you want and practicality are what make them ideal for any promotional campaign.

Last time, we talked about why you should have branded promotional mugs and ways to use them within your marketing campaign. But, have you ever wondered how you can customize them to suit your branding needs? What techniques would be ideal to ensure the longevity of your branding? Before we delve deep into this topic, we would like to share with you some cute custom mugs our team has found in Russia.

Promotional Mugs with Logo

Promotional Mugs with Logo

One of our staff members spotted these dented ceramic mugs at a cafe in Russia. The mugs look like colorful crumpled tin cans. At first, we thought the mugs on display were made from tin cans, but they were not.

The mugs got us curious the moment we entered the cafe so, this really shows how important design is when it comes to your custom mugs. So why do we like this example?


Why We Love these Dented Mugs

  • Design Appeal: The bespoke shape did not fail to capture our attention. As you do not always see such unique mugs, they definitely are intriguing.
  • Top of Mind Awareness: How do these dented mugs raise brand awareness? According to studies, people are more likely to hire the services or buy from companies that advertise on mugs and promotional drinkware. Since mugs are a regular part of our breakfast table, we are primed to think of the brand printed on the cups before we start our day.
Promotional Mugs with Logo

Promotional Mugs with Logo

  • Drive Impulse Purchase: Offered as retail merchandise, they certainly help increase the sales of the shop. Offering something that customers will not find anywhere else increases the likelihood of impulse purchases. This also encourages customers (especially those that love to collect mugs) to come back to the shop to see if they have new unique designs to add to their collection.


  • Exclusivity: One of the secrets to increasing sales is to offer merchandise that customers will not get from other brands. Exclusive products that are available for a limited time creates a sense of urgency, thereby pushing customers to act upon your call to action before the promotion is over.
Promotional Mugs with Logo

Promotional Mugs with Logo


But have you ever wondered how promotional mugs with logo are made? Here are some factors to consider when customizing a mug for branding.


Tips for Customizing Promotional Mugs with Logo

1. Logo or no Logo?

The decision depends on you. Many companies put their name across the body to further enhance their visibility. Brand licensing is also another good branding option as popular characters already have an established fan base that they can also tap to broaden their reach.

Some brands have a conservative approach as to how they design their mugs. For instance, law firms, hospitals, and schools are better off using simple professional designs rather than artistic ones.

2. Choosing a Design and Making a Mould

When choosing a design, it is important to take into consideration the shape of the mug. Many people love the shock factor, which is why 3D mugs and bespoke shaped ones are popular.

The first step to manufacturing promotional mugs is to create a prototype of the mug in plaster or plastic. This is followed by the creation of molds. Factories often use multiple molds to fast track production. The molds consist of four parts: two halves for the body and another two halves for the handle.

The third step is the casting of clay into the mold. It is left to harden and once dry and molds are removed, the mugs are then placed in a kiln for the firing process. The temperature and for how long the mugs will undergo the firing process will depend on the kiln size and type of ceramics used.

Finally, glazing is done to give mugs their glossy texture and appearance.

3. Printing Techniques

So, you have decided to have your brand name printed on your mugs. What techniques should you use to ensure the longevity of your branding? Here are some commonly used printing methods for promotional mugs.

  • Screen Printing: This is the most common and most cost-effective method of transferring designs. It involves the use of a stenciled screen and paints to print designs onto another material.
  • Dye sublimation: A popular printing technique, the designs look vibrant even after an extended period of time. It uses heat to transfer dry ink onto the body of the cup. The process is fast, inexpensive, and ideal for large batches of mugs.
  • Digital Printing: In this method, the design is printed onto a coated paper and then transferred to the mug through water slide transfer. Like dye-sublimation, it is fast, creates vivid colors, and perfect for printing on large batches of orders.
  • Etching: If you want your logo and brand name to last longer, then etching is the ideal printing technique to use. They add an interesting texture and aesthetics to your promotional mugs. Although this is way more expensive than any of the above-mentioned printing techniques, the end result is absolutely stunning and satisfying. This gives your promotional mug a high-end feel, making them perfect for corporate promotions, and special gift sets.


How Can We Help?

Do you need help with customizing your own promotional mugs with logo? If so, feel free to contact our team. We can also help with sourcing various promotional products, packaging, as well as point of sale displays.

ODM is a product sourcing agency based in China with offices in Hong Kong and Vietnam. We work closely with factories to ensure that the products are made according to your branding requirements. Get in touch with us today!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Why Offer Promotional Mugs with Logo?

Not only are they excellent for hot drinks, but they are also a great way to advertise your brand and attract new prospects. With your logo on the center, your brand will surely be on top of customers' minds before they go to work.

Ceramic Mugs VS Glass Mugs?

The choice depends on several factors such as: your main selling product, your audience, and purpose. For instance, ceramic mugs are great for hot beverages such as coffee, milk, tea, and chocolate, making them suitable for coffee shops. On the other hand, glass mugs are perfecet for beer and alcoholic drinks.

Why are coffee mugs ideal for business?

Coffee mugs are cost-effective, easy to customize, and offer lasting brand recognition. Most importantly, people are more inclined to do business with companies being advertised on coffee cups.