Nescafe has put together a coffee gift set that includes two promotional branded mugs and three Nescafe Gold. We spotted this promotional stint at a shopping center in Singapore. We absolutely love the packaging, the practicality of the products and the simple yet remarkable coffee mug design.


Promotional Branded Mugs by Nescafe Augment Their Brand Positioning

Promotional Branded Mugs by Nescafe Augment Their Brand Positioning

What Sets Nescafe’s Promotional Branded Mugs Apart?

  • Meaningful Design: The design – coffee beans – is very appropriate. it is meaningful and it deeply resonates with the brand image. Here, the brand used gold foil printing technique to achieve the lustrous gold finish of the printed design. Speaking of designs, we have previously featured a collection of cool ceramic mugs. If you’re adventurous and want something unique for your promotions, why not check this out for design inspiration?


  • Makes Customers Feel They Scored a Great Deal: Get two branded mugs and three bottles of Nescafe gold for a discounted price! When companies put together a gift set, they normally reduce the marked up price or include on pack gifts to make customers feel the items are worth the extra money they will spend. This means they get to take home five items for a slightly cheaper price and buying these items separately would definitely cost them more.
  • Logo Positioning: While it might be better, in terms of visibility, to have the logo across the middle, we feel that it might clash with the minimalist theme. Branding the underside tremendously improved its aesthetic appeal.
Promotional Branded Mugs by Nescafe Augment Their Brand Positioning

Promotional Branded Mugs by Nescafe Augment Their Brand Positioning


  • Coffee Mugs Appeal to a Wide Range of Audience: Coffee cups are ideal for all ages and can be used at home and at work. This means, broader brand reach for Nescafe.


Mugs are easily one of the best promotional products out there. This is because there are so many things you can do with branded ceramic cups or mugs in terms of design, production and customization.

Aside from the mugs, we also noticed the use of hamper packaging. The thick cardboard lends sturdiness to the packaging thereby ensuring the safety of the products. Moreover, the color choice adds a touch of elegance to the boxed gift set, making it stand out on the shelf.


Our takeaway…

Nescafe’s promotional branded mugs are a great addition to the pack. Because people are always on the hunt for practical and affordable deals, adding a promo gift is certainly a good way to get them to choose Nescafe over others. So this is what we learned from the brand:

  1. As a business owner, you want your promo gift to be of use to your target market. This ensures prolonged customer engagement and visibility.
  2. Product design is very important if you want to captivate the interest of customers from the get-go. Work with a reputable product designer such as Mindsparkz for meaningful, functional, and aesthetic product and brand packaging design


Should you need assistance with creating your own promotional branded mugs, please don’t hesitate to speak with us! Whether you need design or manufacturing services, our team can help you out. If you need more examples and ideas, please feel free to browse through our blogs.


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What do I stand to gain from a gift set promotion?

Gift sets are always an added value to your customers as it encourages purchase of your product and equally increases brand awareness. Customers are more likely to purchase your product when there's something to be gained.

Where is the best place to position my logo on the promotional branded mug?

In placing your logo or brand name, you have to consider visibility and design. You want to put it in a place that is clearly visible and somewhere that doesn't also look tacky design-wise. Anywhere asides the rim and bottom.