Wash your face… Moisturize… Stick your beanie on and off you go out! This boxed gift set lets you do all of that. L’Oreal men expert has certainly created this boxed gift set with careful consideration. We think that a Boxed Gift Set is a fantastic way to boost your sales because often, due to the look and packaging design, customers end up buying more than they actually need.


Customers Love This L'Oreal Boxed Gift Set

Customers Love This L’Oreal Boxed Gift Set


Practical and affordable, boxed gift set is truly a fantastic promotional deal – it exhibits a simple yet functional appeal. Included in the box set is a hydra sensitive face wash, a moisturizer and beanie hat.


Customers Love This L'Oreal Boxed Gift Set

Customers Love This L’Oreal Boxed Gift Set

We particularly like this shelving unit that the product is stored in. Its beautiful white design makes the product look high end and sophisticated. This adds to the feel that this really is a special gift to give someone rather than an item on a shop shelf. There are many different ways to market your product on the shop floor and make the most of shelf advertising, some of these ways include: a custom display rack, a free standing POS display or a cardboard POS display.


This particular shelving used by L’Oreal reminds us of this Eye-Catching POS Fragrance Display by Bath & Body Works we spotted:



The female equivalent of this boxed gift set was spotted in the UK, designed by Lynx:


Why we like this Boxed Gift Set:

  • The Products Inside Compliment One Another: Gift sets benefit both the business and the shoppers. Buying all your products in one place is easy for the customer. This way, they will not have to buy another separate item from another brand. Companies benefit from this method also as it ensures that customers will buy 2 or 3 items from them in one transaction. In turn this boosts sales as customers are likely to be buying more than they would if these products were sold individually.
  • Great Gift Idea: This would make for a perfect gift set. Indeed, all the products inside are ideal for men of all ages, including the beanie hat. This product would make a great Birthday Present, Valentines Gift or a special something to receive for Christmas. Promotional Cosmetic Products are therefore a great gift to promote as it targets all age ranges, increasing your potential customer base.
  • The Brand Logo is Well Placed: This design is simple but effective. The brand logo is well placed in the top center of the box and each of the products are branded, including the beanie hat which helps to market the brand name beyond the shop floor.
  • Value For Money: Creating a Boxed Gift Set gives off the impression that the customer is getting value for money, Indeed, not only is it convenient for the customer buying all their products in one place but to buy these separate would also appear more expensive. Convenient and cost effective – what’s not to love?


Could a beautifully packaged boxed gift set be of benefit for your company? Would it boost your sales by making your customers purchase more? If so we’d love to hear from you at the ODM Group today. Our expert team can design and produce a boxed gift set exactly to your desire.

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