The drinks industry is a lucrative industry. However, with so many competitors in the market, setting your brand apart can be difficult. That is why marketers are going all out with unique drinks marketing products.

Edinburgh Gin Gift Set- Why Use Drinks Marketing Products

Edinburgh Gin Gift Set- Why Use Drinks Marketing Products

Edinburgh Gin, a popular alcoholic brand in Scotland put together a gin gift set for their loyal patrons. Their on-pack cocktail gift set consist of a mixing recipe, gin, shaker, jigger, and glasses- items necessary to concoct their own cocktail drinks. The campaign was very targeted, and the customer giveaways were truly useful. Below are reasons drinks marketing products can up your promotional game.

How Drinks Marketing Products Can Improve Your Brand Campaign

  • Great for Branding: Whether you are a new brand or simply rebranding, drinks marketing products can tremendously boost your brand presence. In our example, all the gifts included in the package offer great customization options. For instance, marketers can print the promotional cocktail jigger and glasses with their brand name or logo to build brand visibility. The packaging can also serve as a fantastic medium to communicate their message.
  • Long-Lasting Exposure: Unlike flyers and brochures, useful items can ensure long lasting brand awareness. Printing your company name on drinks marketing gifts ensures that your audience sees your brand every time they use them. In addition, useful items can further customer engagement and brand remembrance.
  • Flexibility: Promotional cocktail sets are not only ideal for alcoholic drinks promos, but they are also great for non-alcoholic mixer promotions. This makes your marketing gifts appealing to your target demographic.

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