Belvedere recently advertised with a Promotional Cocktail Jiggers as Gift with Purchase. If you buy one of Belvedere Vodka with 1L you will get not only a 200 ml for free, but also Promotional Cocktail Jiggers.

Cocktail Jiggers mostly have 2 different sides to measure. The bigger side is called jigger or gill and can be filled with 1,5 oz (=44 ml) the smaller side is called pony and can comprise an amount of 1 oz (=30 ml), which is the amount of liquid of a normal shot glass.

Promotional Cocktail Jiggers by Belveder

Promotional Cocktail Jiggers by Belveder

These Promotional Cocktail Jiggers look as luxurious and modern as the design of the bottles themselves. Its’ Pantone silver color matches perfectly with the lid of these bottles. The black cotton  conglomerates the Jiggers to the bottle and its color matches with the brand on the bottles and the In Store Display.  These Jiggers have two different sides and are standardized as the costumers will expect them to be.

This idea of a customized promotional gift, which can directly be used with the product, will increase your sale on these products.

Why should you think about Promotional Cocktail Jiggers?

Branding. These Promotional Cocktail Jiggers has got a lot of space for a branding on the sides. To have costumers using your branded Jiggers with your product will increase the brand awareness of your costumers highly.

Incentive Product. Promotional Cocktail Jiggers are not just any Promotional gift you can get everywhere, which is the reason, why your profits will increase with this Gift with Purchase.

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