How these Gift with Purchase Ideas Multiplied the Sales of these Brands?

There is no denying that most people across the globe are sports fanatics. And the number of events conducted all throughout the years has shown people’s unwavering support and fondness for sports. This fact gives ideas to differents brands to use sports-related merchandise in their marketing strategies. And one of the most common approaches utilized is the gift with purchase idea.

Gift with Purchase Ideas Used by Famous Brands

The gift with purchase idea in brand promotion has been widely used by different businesses.  Therefore, they must create something that would differ theirs from the other competing brands. For years, we have featured different promotional ideas from all types of business industries that really stir up our interest. And for the sports and wellness industry, we have listed below the gift with purchase ideas that we loved the most.

1. McDonald’s Collectibles

With the Rio 2016 Olympics in full swing, McDonald’s partnered up with the Japanese communication app Line for a Gift With Purchase campaign with Happy Meals. Every Happy Meal availed comes with a free toy. The Line mascots portray the athletes. There are six collectible plastic figurines available- three bear figurines and three rabbits.

Free Gift with Purchase with McDonald's Happy Meal

Free Gift with Purchase with McDonald’s Happy Meal

The sports featured in each figurine are the most popular sports in China. These are gymnastics, volleyball, athletics, table tennis, and swimming. The white rabbit in the middle is holding the winner’s cup. Moreover,  customers can also collect a plastic sports track to organize the figurines onto.

Free Gift with Purchase with McDonald's Happy Meal

Free Gift with Purchase with McDonald’s Happy Meal

Children were the main target of this gift with purchase approach. As kids are attracted to these collectibles, parents could not ignore to avail of this promo. Besides, this GWP idea promoted two brands- the McDonald’s and the Line brand which is basically used to stream the Rio Olympics.

In 2016, the famous fast-food brand also offered FIFA world cup merchandise for promotion. Truly, the brand never runs out of ideas to keep them in the spotlight.

2. Lacoste Gym Bag

Here’s another exciting gift with purchase offered by the popular brand, Lacoste. They have offered this stylish and hip gym bag as their promo gift for their valued customers.

gift with purchase

Lacoste Gym Bag

By simply purchasing any Lacoste fragrance, customers were entitled to receive this gift item. This bag is ideal for those who make frequent visits to a gym and require a bag that can carry all their gym essentials. Aside from that, shoppers can use it on a daily basis.

Customers would be easily attracted to this gift item because of its great use and functionalities. Moreover, its quality results in customers purchasing the product being promoted.

3. Nikon x Adidas Branded GWP

Nikon brand and Adidas made a collaboration way back in 2014 during the celebration of the FIFA World Cup. The two popular brands take the event as an opportunity to showcase their branded products.

gift with purchase

Nikon x Adidas Branded GWP products

To redeem these promo gifts, customers have to simply avail of any Nikon cameras available at the event. As cameras are often used in sporting events to capture live actions, the audience would definitely love to avail of one of these first-rate cameras.

Some of the GWP items were shirts, bags, caps, tumblers, balls, and many more. Known for its high-quality products, who would not want to get these Adidas free items?

4.Bike Hub Promotion GWP

Bike Hub, a renowned Australian sports brand held a GWP promotion before. Customers were entitled to get this free gift with purchase they make in any participating stores. gift with purchase


Buyers will be able to receive any of these items- bags, caps, water bottles, coolzees, and key chains. As the stocks are limited, customers would be eager to get immediately avail get of the product before it runs out of supply.

5. Water Bottle offered a free customized water bottle for every purchase of $100 at their supplement shop. With its large volume capacity, this bottle is suitable for every sports enthusiast out there.

gift with purchase

Being recyclable, this customized water bottle would absolutely invite eco-conscious individuals to avail themselves of any products from the store. As such, you will also be labeled as a brand that not just cares about human health, but as a brand that cares for the environment.

6. Lucozade Sweatband Purchase

Lucozade, the UK’s energy drink brand offered this gift with purchase item in the year 2011. With any order from their website’s shop, customers had the chance to get this promo sweatband with purchase.

gift with purchase

The unique design of the item surely piqued the interest of the sports fanatic and enthusiast. Designed with a zip pocket, users can still hold their belongings while doing workouts. Innovative, this promo item helps the business promote their brand even more.

7. Highland Springs Sports Ball GWP

Highland Spring held this GWP promotion as part of their marketing. In order to redeem this gift, shoppers had to avail any promotional packs from the brand and register the unique code found.

gift with purchase


These custom balls giveaways were printed with the brand’s logo. Customers may choose their balls on the design available-  cricket, rugby, soccer, and tennis balls. This kind of GWPs has suited the taste of all sports fanatics then.

Why do we like this Gift With Purchase Ideas?

  • Incentivize Customers: Customers surely loved to receive these gift items from these big names in the industry. Receiving any of these items definitely made them feel lucky and honored.
  • Builds a strong connection with customers: As these GWP items draw customers in, they also create a strong connection between the brands and the clients. Moreover, they would always wait for them to launch another gimmick like these. We definitely like the way they offer their promos to their audience as it helps to prosper the connection they have to them.
  • Brand Awareness: Appearing at a sporting event or promoting GWP to your shop, would definitely help you create better brand awareness. Besides, including the brand logo on the items made them recognized by the customers. What also makes these winning GWPs is that they all have designed with their brand name on each item.
  • High-quality: What would you expect from these popular brands? Well, they would not be called as one of the best if they don’t provide excellent products and services. The GWP offered by these brands is obviously of high quality and definitely top-notch. And that is absolutely what we admire about this gift with purchase items, and definitely, clients love these too.

Our Takeaways…

Even used by most businesses, GWP still creates an exceptional impact on every brand. Thus, ensuring that each GWP idea suits the interest of your target clients, then you’ll probably achieve your target sales.

Partner with Us

If these ideas sparked your interest in creating your own Gift with Purchase, please contact us for more information and ideas! We,  at the ODM group, have been partnered with a number of companies in Asia for years. We have manufactured excellent customized giveaways and promotional products with them.

Also, we patterned with Mindsparks, to curate the quality product we offered to our valued clients. If you want us to help you with your next promotional activities, do not hesitate to connect with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Gift with Purchase (GWP)?

A gift with purchase is a common marketing technique used by businesses of all types. It is made to encourage consumers to purchase certain products to receive free items.

How to maximize purchases using GWP?

GWPs are best offered to encourage the trial of products. To promote repeat orders and purchases, brands can also create collectibles instead of using a single type of gift with purchase. As such, customers will wait for your brand to release another set of items to complete their collections.

Why do brands should invest in sports merchandise as GWP?

People across the globe have a great fondness for sports. Thus, you are targeting a large audience. Providing GWP items would sure be a hit among sports fanatics and athletes as well.

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