The countdown for the upcoming FIFA World Cup has begun. In 40 days now, Brazil will be the host of this worldwide event that everyone is anticipating. This is a great opportunity for brands to create related promotional products and engage their audience. Many will keep their eye on the upcoming matches, thus offering FIFA related promotional products will definitely catch the attention of your audience. Not only is this effective in boosting sales, but this is also great at raising brand awareness and brand visibility.

Adidas, one of the official sponsors, teams up with Nikon to create a line of promotional merchandise that will intrigue FIFA fans. The promotion can be seen at the Hong Kong Fortress stores. In this blog, we will explain why we are confident that consumers will enjoy this promotion as much as we enjoy it.


Promotional Gifts related to the Sports Industry

Nikon & Adidas celebrate the FIFA World Cup with promo gifts

Nikon & Adidas celebrate the FIFA World Cup with promo gifts

The promotion that Nikon is offering is quite simple. Customers have to simply purchase a Nikon Camera, and they can redeem high-quality Adidas promotional merchandise. Effortless participation is crucial for effective promotion. This is because if the participation process is time-consuming and takes too much effort, consumers will lose interest. Hassle-free participation process will definitely entice consumers to purchase a Nikon Camera. Therefore, this leads to increased sales.

As shown in the picture above, all of the promo items are branded. This helps with increasing brand visibility as well. Many of these promotional products are the official merchandise of the Deutscher Fussball-Bund: T-Shirts, Caps, Water Bottle, a sports bag amongst others. The items are also highlighting the next FIFA world cup with the football ball and the mascot t-shirt. This promotion is very versatile as well, consumers will be able to find something that they like.


Promo gifts as part of a marketing campaign.

Nikon & Adidas celebrate the FIFA World Cup with promo gifts

Nikon & Adidas celebrate the FIFA World Cup with promo gifts

It’s quite a good idea to create a marketing campaign based on a massive sports event. This promotional idea is fantastic because cameras are often used to keep memories. There will be buzz generated by bringing together the values of sports (FIFA World Cup & Adidas), as well as the value of a well-known camera manufacturer (Nikon). These 2 iconic brands are easily most of our favourites.


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