This weekend we have been quite busy writing about bags of marketing gifts.   We just got so much ammunition from the last ASI Central cocktail event we attended.  Join ODM brainstorming and let us suggest the best Marketing Gifts for Events.

Marketing Gifts for Events – collection of ideas from Promo Gift Blog

Read about the majority of the presents we got at the HK cocktail event on this blog… “Having lived in Hong Kong for close on 20 years, and having attended countless parties, I must say that this is a record. I left the party with 6 USB sticks and 3 Emergency Mobile Phone chargers. ” This is one of the most fully packed promotional gift bags we got ever, so nice to see what is hot in the market.

promo gift blog

Marketing Gifts for Events – more on the Marketing Gift Blog

Not wanting to neglect our sister blog, we felt that it would be nice to include another product on that blog.   Here is our take on marketing with cosmetic products.

marketing gifts for events

marketing gifts for events

As if all the promotional products mentioned above were not enough, I found this Light up USB drive at the bottom of my cocktail gift bag.  At 8Gb, it certainly packs a punch, but most interesting is the blue light up function – when plugged into my there is a laser engraved logo of a car the lights up.   You can customise this quite easily.

Marketing Gifts for Events usb drive

Marketing Gifts for Events usb drive

Brainstorm with us for Marketing Gifts for Events

As if all these ideas are not enough to brainstorm and sort out your own giveaways, use our blog and navigate around to find similar ideas that might work.   For example, check out this blog and have silicone band as a USB.  Great to control access at events.

Geek it up and customise shapes like this Star Wars USB.   Why not make the USB with unique numbers and make it a membership card USB.

Matching the logos to the correct pantones and having the right background colours is critical when making up a selection of gifts, so make sure to work with designers to get the greatest impact.   Also consider the packaging – changing the simple white box to a coloured packaging with a special message or to contain a voucher etc.. can be very cost effective an really brings the promotion to the next level.

If you are looking to get inspiration to give away a fun pack or coherent collection of giveaways, check out what Singapore are doing for their national day gift bag.   What other case studies would you point to?