Oreo, one of the most famous and loved biscuits, is currently offering a gift with purchase at Carrefour in China. It is a bag that can contain the Oreo itself  or it can be used as a simple bag for hedging in your stuff. This gift is only available with the purchase of Oreo package.

Oreo gift with purchase

Oreo gift with purchase

Gift with purchase: people love free gifts

A gift with purchase is a marketing tecnhique used by many companies. By encouraging people to purchase items, in order to receive a free gift. This advertising technique is used in many different industries, quite familiar to people who routinely shop for cosmetics. Most major cosmetics lines in department stores have annual gift with purchase deals. A good reason to offer a gift with purchase is that people love free gifts. If the consumer is interested in a product but on the fence when it comes to purchasing it, the free gift could be the thing that sends the purchaser over the finish line and buys the product. For a product that is in a competitive market, giving a gift with purchase could be the token to set it apart from its competitors.


How create a successful gift with purchase campaign

In order to create your gift with purchase campaign you should keep two objectives in mind:

  • Attract customers to a retail location: if a product line isn’t moving, it may be that no one knows what retailers carry the line. Simply said: you need to advertise. Advertising doesn’t have to be expensive. Hire a graphic designer to create a promotional flyer with the product line and gift with purchase promotion.
  • Increase the average transaction amount: gift with purchase promotions should encourage consumers to purchase more than they normally would. The first step to determining the qualifying purchase amount is to figure out the average dollar currently spent on the line.
Gift with purchase by Clinique

Gift with purchase by Clinique

Why offer a gift with purchase?

A gift with purchase brings many benefits for your company:

  • It helps to increase sales, attracting more customers. As we said before, people love free gifts.
  • Very effective way of advertisement. Customers love to show the gift they received and if they really like it, they would tell their friends and family, increasing the chances that your company will be recognized by many people.
  • Strengthen the customer loyalty. When customers receive the gift, they would have a good impression on your company. This encourages them to continue purchasing your products.
  • Improve brand recollection, as the gift with purchase leaves an impact on your customers. This will help them to be able to recall your brand over other brands.

What are you waiting for?  Start offering a gift with purchase to your customers today! Contact the ODM Group or our sister company Mindspark to help with your projects and create your gift with purchase campaign.

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