As part of their anniversary marketing activities, Oreo has decided to include milk glasses within their on pack promotions in store. This will be definitely a high perceived value action for an individual as they will appreciate this gesture from the brand. On the other hand you are also sharing this special moment with your valued customers which definitely makes them feel important.

Purchase a box of Oreo 100th Birthday Edition and get free milk glasses. This is available in 4 different designs. Collect them all!

Oreo 100th Birthday Edition GWP: Milk Glasses

Milk glasses are a great incentive product for customers who buy the box of Oreos. The Oreo slogan goes, “Twist, Lick and Dunk” and this glass is apt for dunking the Oreo in milk! By branding Oreo’s logo on the glass, this will increase Oreo‘s brand awareness and boost its brand recall.

Milk Glasses have high perceived value as compared to melamine cups and thus, they make versatile promotional gifts. In celebration of Oreo‘s 100th birthday, this reminds us how established Oreo is.

Oreo could imprint it not just on the box, but on the glass as well to effectively convey this marketing message across. What do you think of this promotional product?

How we can customize our packaging to increase the value of these milk glasses?

We can use a more high end packaging in these type of promotions to increase the valued perceived by customers and make the promotion look premium. Logo  can be printed in many ways and materials can be played to customize promotions according to our perceptions and what we want to transmit to our public.

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