Milk promo gifts becoming more and more common to be used as a gift with purchase / giveaway strategy. How many times have we gone in store and saw a product with something free included on it?

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Daisy Milk Free Milk Promo Gifts

Daisy Milk Free Milk Promo Gifts

Daisy is a fat free high calcium milk by F&N. Coming up with a collectible mug is a brilliant way to drive sales. Also, Daisy smartly conceptualize its product by labelling them with the name of the days in a week, giving a reason for customers why they need to have all the seven. Daisy could have brand the cup to increase brand awareness and brand recall. What a GWP product that can be used as milk promo gifts!

Milk promo gifts are usually targeted at kids! Make it fancy.

Customize your milk promo gifts!

For this specific promotion, we can use different type of materials such as silicon / rubber, ceramic, plastic or aluminum. This would depend a lot in the budget we have. In terms of branding milk promo gifts, what we want is the customer to be able to differentiate our brand out of others. We can print your logo as a sticker, by silk screen print or heat transfer.

Heat transfer printing normally have high setup costs but the finish looks impressive.

And you? What milk promo gifts have you used before? Please share with us!

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