How much do you value promotional gifts in an on pack promo? Have you ever realized how useful it can be to raise your awareness?

This is nothing new, we have seen everywhere how many brands use these on pack promo, especially in China.

This on-pack promo was spotted at a Carrefour outlet in Zhuhai. Simply purchase this promotional pack to get a free aluminum milk bottle.This is a good incentive to entice customers to buy the product!

Below we can see a visual representation of this on pack promo found in Zhuhai.

Aluminum Milk Bottle – On pack Promo Gift

How does this on pack promo increase our brand awareness?

As the new school term is starting, this on pack promo will certainly come in handy for the children. Hence, this promotion would not only appeal to the children but their parents as well since it would possibly encourage their children to drink more water.

Furthermore, made of aluminum, this water bottle fully preserves the natural taste and is able to withstand high temperatures.

Not to mention, the logo is also printed on the promotional item to enhance brand recognition!

Our design team can also brainstorm further for you to look into different promo gifts that might be interesting for your brand and suggest different materials to make the promos cheaper / expensive.

We have worked with so many drink brands worldwide and we are sure we can help you further to get the most out of your promotional products in campaigns.

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