Kubanskay Byrenka, a popular milk beverage products brand in Russia, is offering promotional milk glasses at the moment in many cities in Russia.

In Russia there are many milk brands out there in stores and brands need to make sure that they are exclusive and gain people´s attention in order so that their brand gains this competitive advantage in a really fierce market.

Gain exposure with your clients with these kind of promotions!

Below we can see how these promotional milk glasses have been advertised.

GWP Russia - Promotional Milk Glasses by Kubanskaya Byrenka

GWP Russia – Promotional Milk Glasses by Kubanskaya Byrenka

How have these promotional milk glasses been used?

With every purchase of over RUB 120, you will get a lovely milk glass. This promotional gift is simple, but fits the target audience and will act as an effective incentive product. Moreover, such a promotional product is cheap and easy to produce.

Promotional milk glasses can be customized with your corporate branding and can use high end packaging to increase the value perception of the giveaway. We all know that people really value to receive free things, especially if it comes from our favourite brand.

Our design team is always willing to brainstorming for your marketing campaigns and would be happy to look into different material and design options for your promotional milk glasses.

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Here is a brief summary of this milk promotional glasses promotion in Russian for our local readers:

В лучгих традициях Кубани – кефир от Бурёнки рядрм с Вами! Купите 2 упаковки кефира “Кубанская Бурёнка” или любой продукт “Кубанская Бурёнка” на сумму 120 рублей и получите у промоутера стакан в подарок!