A magazine GWP is an easy way to offer a covermount gift and it is an effective in enticing customers to buy your product. In this covermount promotion Jessica Magazine is giving away a braided print clutch with every copy of the Jessica Magazine November 2012 issue purchased.

Jessica Magazine GWP: Braided Print Clutch

Jessica Code GWP: Braided Print Clutch

This braided print clutch comes in 4 different colours and it is made of woven material which is relatively durable. It has a chic design which can be carried around day or night and it is targeted at the female market segment who constitute of Jessica Magazine’s readers.

Jessica Magazine GWP: Braided Print Clutch

Jessica Magazine GWP: Braided Print Clutch

Why is this magazine GWP promotion idea good for sales?

Every single time you pass a magazine stand, certain magazine GWP are for sure based to catch your eye more than the others. Why so? Well, it is because these magazines tend to be the ones that come along with free gifts, making them stand out from the other magazines available.

Therefore, with Jessica magazine being a popular choice of magazine, it makes sense to offer a gift to attract new customers who currently like other magazine brands.

Furthermore, Jessica Magazine can design this clutch to show the logo. With the brand being on the bag, it will increase your brand awareness and will help boost brand recall. And when being used, this will facilitate free advertising to everyone who sees the clutch.

As well as this, clutch bags can be very useful as promo gifts especially if ladies are in a rush to find a nicely designed bag to take on the night out!

With years of experience, ODM specialise in designing promotional products and offer promo solutions. If interested in designing your own clutch bag, how do create your own magazine GWP idea, or for any information feel free to contact us.

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