Promos for milk related brands are always intriguing to look into as they will have many campaigns throughout the year.

I was quite surprised when I spotted this Mengniu promotional gift with purchase in a Wellcome department store in Hong-Kong.  It comes right on the heels of another on-pack promotional campaign we discussed in a torch light with your milk!

It seems that this Chinese dairy company often offers its customers promotional products which are not related to milk at all. As you can see in the picture below, they decided this time to offer a candle with every milk packs sold.

We believe that every market has its own patterns and Chinese people are normally amazed with LED products and technological items.

Gift With Purchase – Candle with Mengniu Milk

Milk companies can generally offer decent products but how should they retain their customers?

It is not a bad idea because whatever happens promotional items generally drives sales. We also note that pen/torches and candles are both interesting promotions for around the house.  The candles on the large 3 packs of milk are particularly appealing since they can be used on dining tables whilst enjoying milk.

What other relevant promotional products would you suggest milk companies should offer as a promotional gift to their customers?   What do you think of a glass, a bowl or even a bottle?

Dairy brands have always tons of promotional products and the fact that there are too many competitors around the market, suggests that these brands need to find ways to attract and retain their customers with their brands.

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