Looking for creative promotional kitchen tools to be your next giveaway with purchase? Custom shaped Cookie Cutters might be a good option. Famous chocolate brand Hershey’s is selling sets of ‘Kisses’ cookie cutters on their online store. 

Hershey's Promotion

Each set contains 6 sizes and customers can create different designs based on their creativity. We like how Hershey’s sells products that have association with their chocolates. This brings extra marketing for their brand and builds long-term relationship with their customers/chocolate fans.

Promo Star Wars Cookie Cutter

Another funky idea is to have theme based cookie cutters. Partnering with popular movies like ‘Star Wars’ for promotion can definitely attract attention and boost sales. It is also a great way to gain new customers, especially the movie fans.

Promo Idea - Ginger Bread Man Cutter

Also great for festive promotions, we found these cute and spooky ginger bread man shaped cookie cutters for Halloween. Perfect for on-pack gifts with food products.

Well, who says cookie cutters are boring? Not with these extraordinary designs!

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