It is well-known that cookie producers are always having difficulties in searching of right promo idea for their product. We used to get some small promo items as a gift with purchase of cookies. It could be cookie shaped keychains, mobile phone rings or USB’s. But there wasn’t good cookie promo which can be used with exact product. Now this is the past, we found this on pack cookie promo product to boost your sales. The Cookie Dipper is perfect for keeping your hands out of your drink but get your cookie good and dipped.

Boost your Sales with Cookie Promo Product

Boost your Sales with Cookie Promo Product

How can this cookie promo product boost your sales?

  • Unique but effective. Let’s start off with the fact this cookie promo can catch customers eyes just because it is a brand new idea which wasn’t used by global companies to promote their product yet. Also it is difficult to find it in the supermarket or anywhere else. That’s why customers will like to try something unusual. Due to this gift with purchase you will get a huge profit.
  • Word-of-mouth advertising. We always like to share our emotions about trying new things. In this case customers who have already tried to eat your product using this promo gift will recommend it to their friends and relatives. This can help you to achieve the greater brand exposure as soon as possible.
  • Practically. This promotional product can really satisfy your customers because they finally can forget about these problems like dissolving biscuit and soiled fingers. Really good idea for your customer’s kids. This will allow them to stay tidy but full.
  • Additional customers. Imagine this unreal situation if your potential customer have never tried to dunk cookies into the milk or tea. And now he has a chance to do this thanks to this cookie promo. After the dunking cookies and biscuits become softer, sweeter and tastier. What advertising can be better?

Here at the ODM we have a lot of ideas of promotional product, so contact us today to get further assistance. Due to our huge sourcing, designing and manufacturing experience we can provide you with professional services.

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