With increasing plastic bag wastage in the UAE, Tide’s parent company, Procter and Gamble has decided to help in addressing the problem. Tide is promoting environmentally friendly messages in the Middle East region through the use of shopping bags.

Promo Ideas - Eco-friendly Shopping Bags

Combining the use of notepads and plastic bags – this bag is a green solution in reducing both paper and plastic waste. During the launch of this promotion, these bags were given away along with markers when customers buy Tide detergent (see previous blog on T-shirt Promo). Complementing promotional products will go a long way in increasing brand recall.

One thing we like about these bags are its portability. They act as walking advertisements for Tide when customers carry these bags when buying groceries.

Moreover, these bags are washable meaning that Tide washing solutions are used to make this bag recyclable.   Interesting marketing twist and one we like a lot !!

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