Tide T-shirt Promo

Tide is having a promotion with vintage T-shirts. Buy 2 or more T-shirts and receive free shipping for your purchase! What is interesting in this promotion, is its piggybacking on trends for Retro merchandise.

Tide has partnered with Junk Food Clothing to produce vintage T-shirts. Given its main products are a range of detergents, its vintage T-shirt is a related promotional merchandise in this case.

T-shirts are interesting promotional merchandise as they act as walking advertisements when people wear them. Above all, Tide is also increasing its brand awareness by promoting its charitable causes through its T-shirts. It is donating $4 per shirt to help families affected by disasters, such as Haiti earthquake .

Tide Vintage T-Shirt Promo

We think it is interesting for Tide to use such advertising agents to show to the public what the company is doing. Not only can such marketing strategy reach a large target audience, but it also encourages spending among consumers, especially for charitable causes.

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Finally, as these are retail items and not freebie promotions, Tide is able to get free advertising through these promotional products.   Not a bad deal….