Here is another cool On Pack Promo seen in Singapore! Nestle Singapore is currently offering a special edition Vintage 1940 Milo Tin with every 1.4kg of Milo purchased. This bundled GWP Promo is available at all leading supermarkets and ODM is certain that this promotional item will drive sales tremendously.

Nestle Singapore Milo On Pack Promo: Vintage Coin Banks

Taking its way back to early 1940s, this promotional gift will set to attract all Milo lovers and definitely collectors as well. With its renowned branding and history, consumers would love to own this promotional gift! This promotional product is customized as a coin bank as well, making it a conventional item for both kids and adults. This 2 in 1 product is indeed a great marketing strategy, incorporating both the Vintage and Modern designs to target its market.

ODM also love the On Pack Packaging carried out by Nestle. With the gift prominently displayed on the shelves, this will definitely catch the eyes of customers in the stores! How well will this promo go? I am guessing this will all depends on its POS display now!

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