One of our team members recently joined a Moscow Marathon in Russia and got interesting branded event merchandise from the organizers. There were branded T-shirts, a medal with printed lanyard, and a branded plastic bag to keep their personal belongings dry. The merchandise for events were all given at the offset of the marathon.

Merchandise for Events

Merchandise for Events

Held on September 20, 2020, the marathon was participated in by at least 9000 participants. Moscow Marathon is held every last weekend of the month of September and was first initiated in 2013 as a continuation of the Moscow International Peace Marathon. 

We love the items given out by the organizers as all of them are branded and the colors really pop. The items gave us new ideas on how to turn event participants into effective brand ambassadors.


Merchandise for Events: Why We Love Moscow Marathon’s Merch

Plastic Bag with Sponsors’ Names

Participants received a drawstring plastic bag where they can keep their personal stuff. As this is made from plastic, it protects their valuables from rain and dust. The front and back portions are nicely branded and the names of the sponsors are visible.

Merchandise for Events

Merchandise for Events

Promotional Printed T-Shirt

Events are not complete without branded T-shirts. Statement shirts are simply one of the best ways to advertise an event, cause, and sponsors. For this particular event, events organizers gave away yellow shirts with cute prints. Vibrant and easy on the eyes, the shirts really brighten up the event.

Merchandise for Events

Merchandise for Events



Unlike the usual plain lanyard for medals, this one is custom-designed for this particular event. As such, when displayed at home, recipients will remember the fun times they had during the marathon.

Merchandise for Events

Merchandise for Events



While not a promotional product, we feel that this item deserves a mention in this blog. The engraved design features an iconic Russian architectural structure, thereby promoting not only the event or the sponsors but the country as well. We particularly love the enamel filling in the heart logo. It added an interesting splash of color to the medal.

Merchandise for Events

Merchandise for Events


What Can You Do As a Brand?

Lanyards, T-shirts, and bags are certainly are a common promotional item at events. They are cost-effective as well as practical so you can be sure that attendees will use them even after the event is over.

While plastic bags are 100 times cheaper than say, canvas or cotton bag, they might not be as durable so the possibility of them ending up in the trash is also high. Worse, they could end up floating in seas and rivers. As a business, you do not want that.

For events, swag bags made from durable and washable materials are ideal such as woven and non-woven PP shopping bags. PP material is waterproof and durable so perfect to be used as a goodie bag. But if you want something that visitors can use afterward, then cotton and canvas are your best bet. If you want to showcase your environmental stance, you have lots of options from cork, paper, and vegan leather.

Wearing IDs or name tags are essential for security purposes. And we know that IDs and lanyards go together. If you want to make an impact using custom lanyards, make sure to have them printed with your brand name or event theme. Same with T-shirts, lanyards are a good place to be seen. Wearing them effectively turns attendees and participants into instant brand ambassadors.


To conclude, event merchandise is a fantastic way to make a huge impact that lasts. There are so many products you can offer but the most common are custom branded bags and promotional T-shirts. Event managers love them because they are inexpensive to manufacture and customize. Furthermore, the lasting power of wearable promotional items makes them even more ideal to advertise events or products at a quarter of the price of billboard ads.


Where Does ODM Come In?

Are you in need of promotional products for your upcoming events? If so, let our team help you out! We can help you design and source promotional items and custom retail merchandise for your business. While most of our projects involved making high-end products, we can also help with simple yet high-quality products for events swag bags, brand packaging design, as well as giveaways for business. Get in touch with us today!

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