Credibility is important in the drinks industry. One way to build credibility is by tapping brand ambassadors to represent your company in a positive and engaging manner. As the “face” of the company, they are expected to participate in activities that will boost brand conversion and build trust. But to spread influence and increase brand conversion, they will need tools- and these are found in your ambassadors kit.

Since the advent of social media, we have been hearing about brand ambassadors left and right. Advertising through social media may be a convenient way to reach out to people but nothing beats promotional products tailor-made to your business needs.

But what items should be added to your brand ambassadors kit?


Drinks Promotional Items to Include in Your Brand Ambassadors Kit

1. Branded Ice Bucket

Ice buckets are essential drinks marketing tools that you should include in your brand ambassadors kit. They are extremely versatile and flexible as they can be made from various materials such as aluminum, plastic, and even glass. Here, we have various examples of ice bucket ideas to choose from:

This one features a lighthearted text across the body and a logo at the bottom part. The grooves give it an interesting texture and visual appeal that is different from the usual ice buckets we see in the market. You can have your company slogan printed on the body to further improve your brand visibility. If you like this product, send us an inquiry for product code 2319.

Ambassadors Kit

Ambassadors Kit (Custom Branded Ice Bucket)

Made from stainless steel with shiny metallic finish, these ice buckets will definitely add an aesthetic appeal to your bar. If interested in this product, 2581 is the code.

Ambassadors Kit

Ambassadors Kit (Stainless Steel Ice Bucket)

2. Wine Holder

We love this wine and cork holder because it is simple yet cleverly designed. They come in different sizes and colors. Some are in the shape of Alphabet letters while others are more bespoke. One compartment holds the wine bottle while the other part is where the cork stoppers are deposited.

Ambassadors Kit

Ambassadors Kit (Wine and Cork Holder)

They look rather vintage-y, which makes them great decorative pieces in bars and restaurants.

Ambassadors Kit

Ambassadors Kit (Wine and Cork Holder)

These wine holders are also perfect for home use.

Ambassadors Kit

Ambassadors Kit (Wine and Cork Holder)

If you love this idea, reference product code 2727 to get more information on customization and pricing.


3. Electric Wine Aerator

Ideal for just about any occasion and venue, this one is an indispensable part of your ambassadors kit. Wine aeration means exposing wine to air to let unwanted compounds to evaporate. According to wine experts, aerating wine enhances the flavor and aroma of the wine.

Ambassadors Kit

Ambassadors Kit (Wine Aerator)

Why a custom wine aerator important part of your ambassadors kit is because it greatly improves your image as a brand. When customers see this, they will eventually associate your company with high-quality wine. Product code is 2445.


4. Promotional Drinking Glass

What better way to expose your customers to your brand than to use custom drinking glasses? Simple yet 100% effective in raising brand awareness, you can customize the glasses to suit your branding requirements. For instance, etching logos or using decals to make them really stand out. Keen to custom design your own logo glassware for bar and restaurants? If so, get in touch with us. Product code is 2440.

Ambassadors Kit

Ambassadors Kit (Drinking Glass)


5. Stainless Steel Shot Glasses with Leather Pouch

Bartenders will surely love to have these custom drinking glasses with leather pouch. The leather pouch serves as a protective cover for the glasses. This also makes storage easier. To give your drinks promotional products a distinctive look, you may have the pouch dyed to your preferred color. Are you ready to get your brand names printed on these bar items? If so, reference product code 2638 to get a quote.

Ambassadors Kit

Ambassadors Kit (Shot Glass)


6. Branded Jiggers

Custom jiggers rank high in the list of essential bar promotional items next to drinking tumblers and shot glasses. They come in various sizes because they are used for measuring and mixing drinks. With something as useful as branded jiggers, you can gain daily brand exposure at a low cost. So customize your promotional jiggers with us. To get a quote, reference product code 677.

Ambassadors Kit

Ambassadors Kit (Custom Jiggers)


7. Bottle Glorifiers

Why is it a must? Bars are dimly-lit and the light that comes from bottle glorifiers frames the bottles nicely, making them attractive to customers. Therefore, they are a brilliant way to standout even in the dark. There are many types of bottle glorifiers. Some bottle glorifiers are battery-operated, some are sound-activated, while others are pressure-activated such as this one below.

Ambassadors Kit

Ambassadors Kit (Bottle Glorifier Light)

If you want to custom design these bottle glorifiers for your business, email us product code 2788,


8. Custom Bottle Openers

These handy little tools are extremely important in marketing drinks. Not only can you use them to uncap bottles of beers, but they also offer unlimited advertising benefits. They are a cost-efficient way to build trust and brand awareness even beyond shop floors.

The below example is as thin as a credit card so customers can just keep them in their wallets, allowing them to carry your brand wherever they go. Product code is 2421.

Ambassadors Kit

Ambassadors Kit (Credit Card Size Bottle Opener)


9. Custom Menu Signs

Restaurants and bars would not be complete without menu signs. Through its colorful adverts, it stimulate the appetite and drives customers to try their food and drinks. They can also be used to announce ongoing promotions.

Below is an advertising menu power bank, an innovative multi-functional product ideal for restaurants and bars. Not only does it show the menu but it also doubles as a portable charger, allowing customers to power up their devices while they enjoy their food and drinks. 1749 is the product code for this innovative POS display.

Advertising Menu Power Bank

Ambassadors Kit (Advertising Menu Power Bank)

10. Promotional Printed T-Shirt

Wearable promotional items such as caps and T-Shirts are always a great way to increase brand engagement. When worn by your sales team at work, this creates a more professional look that inspires trust among customers. When given away as a special offer gwp, customers would feel as if they are being rewarded for their purchase.

Liquor Merchandise

Ambassadors Kit


So, are you ready to customize your own brand ambassadors kit? If so, do not hesitate to get in touch with The ODM team. We have years of experience in designing and sourcing custom promotional products for the drinks industry.

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