What is the best promotional product for drinks companies? Of course the product which customers can use during drinking. So there are a lot of ideas like expensive luxury items like wine aerators to cheaper items like bottle stoppers and bottle openers. The best options though for drinks industry are glasses and wineglasses. That’s why this custom whiskey glasses is perfect promotional item for The Macallan Whiskey.

The Macallan Promo Idea - Custom Whiskey Glasses

The Macallan Promo Idea – Custom Whiskey Glasses

It is not hard to see why drinks companies year in year out offer to their customer glasses as a gift with purchase. This product is the best for beverages promotions due to its ability to be fully customizable and its usefulness.

How can these custom whiskey glasses effect positively on drinks production sales?

  • It Upholds Brand Reputation. Offering any marketing gift for free you can increase your brand value, everyone love gifts.  Offering something more useful as at this situation with Macallan whiskey company can satisfy their potential customers and build their loyalty up.
  • Enhance Brand Visibility. We can use glasses, mugs and cups for years. Therefore when you print your brand’s name on logo on promotional item you can provide your brand or company with long term advertising.
  • Additional Customers. All we love profitable offerings. Just imagine how competitive your brand will become with this useful promo idea? This Macallan promo campaign can attract a lot of new customers who never have tasted this brand’s whiskey. They will prefer to buy drink and get a gift with purchase than just to buy drink they have already tasted. Besides company offers two promo glasses, in this case customer can join a whiskey with a friend, such thoughtful marketing campaign!

Here at the ODM we specialize on sourcing, designing and manufacturing promotional products. That’s why you can rely on our big promotional experience if you are looking for ideas for you next marketing campaign. Please feel free to contact us today to get further assistance.

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