What are wine stoppers for? The original cork wine stopper can be difficult to put back into the bottle, so a wine plug is needed to preserve the freshness of wine. But did you know that customized bottle stoppers can be an excellent marketing tool as well?

There are so many ways to customize wine stoppers within a promotional campaign. We have previously covered some excellent promotional wine stoppers before. But this one is exceptional in that the topper is made out of crystals.

Customized Bottle Stoppers

Customized Bottle Stoppers

These wine bottle stoppers offer a unique way of presenting your bottles of wine. The vibrant colors will definitely add a touch of class to your already beautiful and eye-catching bottles. But how would a customized wine stopper help you market your drinks effectively?


X Reasons to Market Drinks with Customized Bottle Stoppers

When it comes to promoting wine, it is important to remain relevant by trying fresh ideas from time to time. These gemstones are a fresh take to the usual wine bottle stoppers. Here’s why you need to consider investing in these unique drinks promotional products:

Maintain Brand Reputation – Wine is considered a luxury item. And what better way to maintain that reputation than giving away unique crystal wine plugs. The shimmering crystals look glamorous yet classy. This way, you are able to position your brand as something that high-end customers would want to have.

Customized Bottle Stoppers

Customized Bottle Stoppers

Be Seen in a Positive Way – There are many uses of crystals. Some of them are believed to have positive calming effect on person. Some are said to have healing properties. So aside from being a decorative piece, these wine bottle plugs will certainly be a great conversation starter. When used during parties, guests would definitely marvel on the kind of crystals used and its meaning.

Customized Bottle Stoppers

Customized Bottle Stoppers


Preserve Quality of Wine – Wine plugs are designed to prevent leaks and also to save partially consumed bottles. Thus preserving the wine’s taste, flavor, and aroma. So why not offer customers these practical and beautiful promotional wine accessory?

Upsell Products – Marketing managers can upsell products with these cool wine stoppers. Offer these wine bottle stoppers as gift with purchase when customers buy a certain amount. You can also add other accessories such as custom wine aerator, and wine glass charms as they purchase more.

Gift-Ready – As they all look high-quality and sparkly, they make for great gifts for special occasions. You can offer them as complimentary gifts for every wine purchased. Thus, customers who barely have time to scan the store for gifts would want to grab a bottle or two of your wine because the add-on accessory would e a lovely surprise for any wine-loving person.


Our Takeaways…

Customized bottle stoppers are an excellent way to improve your brand performance. They are practical and improve the appearance of your product. Not only can you use them for keeping remaining wine, but they would also be perfect for keeping bottles of bourbon, champagne, vinegar, and olive oil sealed and leak-free.

If you have enough marketing budget, you can also put together a promotional gift set for the wine industry. For your promotional accessory kit you may want to include corkscrew, wine aerator, wine glass, stirrer, bottle charms, and ice mold.

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