A branded promotional gift can be a great way to make your product noticeable, considering the tough competition in the wine industry. That is why Rioja Vega and Principe de Viana, two popular wine brands, have introduced their own branded wineskin bag as gift with purchase for their latest campaign.

Wine Companies Pull In Buyers with Branded Wineskin Bag

Wine Companies Pull In Buyers with Branded Wineskin Bag

Wineskin is a traditional liquid container, typically made of leather (goat or sheep’s hide). Also called bota bag, it is lined with tree sap or goat bladder to keep liquid from leaking. But Rioja Vega and Principe de Viana have put a modern spin on their wineskin bags.

Wine Companies Pull In Buyers with Branded Wineskin Bag

Wine Companies Pull In Buyers with Branded Wineskin Bag

Unlike the traditional bota bag, we can see that theirs look sleek and elegant, which suits their high-end image.

Why We Love The Branded Wineskin Bag

  • Unique: Most brands would opt for wine glass holder or wine bag as marketing gifts. With that said, we can say that Rioja Vega and Principe de Viana’s bota bag is truly one-of-a-kind. The authentic design targets collectors and wine connoisseurs. It also adds a touch of elegance to their product on display.
  • Repeat Purchase: One of the advantages of using branded gifts is repeat purchase. And a high quality wineskin bag with your brand on it will further reinforce customer loyalty.
  • Interesting: Using the bag during travels effectively promotes the brand to other people. Those who find your promotional product interesting might be motivated to buy your product just to get their hands on your wine promo gift.
  • Practical Value: Wineskin bags are a great way to keep hydrated during travels and outdoor activities. Customers can also use it as a water container. When not in use, they can use it as a decorative item in their home wine bar, gaining you greater brand exposure.

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