Umbrellas are one of the most effective marketing gifts in the promotional industry. Its versatility is the reason why a lot of brand marketers prefer to use promotional umbrellas in their marketing campaigns. Also, the production cost of a basic umbrella is more affordable than you think.

3 Ways To Improve Your Umbrella Advertising Campaign

3 Ways To Improve Your Umbrella Advertising Campaign

Let’s take a deeper look at our featured image of a custom umbrella. This umbrella is from Cebu Pacific, a Philippine-based airline. What’s unique about this promotion is that the airline company is NOT giving away these custom umbrellas. You might be wondering why but we’ll discuss this in detail in the next paragraphs.

How To Improve Your Umbrella Advertising Campaign?

  • Focus On Brand Exposure – There is no avoiding it, it will rain. Therefore, this promotion from Cebu Pacific is relevant and practical. Unlike other promotions wherein brands give away their promotional items, Cebu Pacific uses these umbrellas as outdoor displays to further expose the brand to the public. Airports are always crowded hence its the best place for brand promotion. Also, your brand will save more of that marketing budget because you won’t have to regularly replenish the umbrella supplies.
  • Use Bold and Clear Designs – So much for your abstract and cryptic designs, it’s probably time to tone it down a little bit and have a look at the minimalist approach. If you check out Cebu Pacific’s design, you’ll immediately see the brand name and the distinct yellow colour. Designs like these prove to be more effective than complex ones. Check out this umbrella promotion for another great minimalist design example.
  • Umbrella Quality – Well, no matter how pretty and captivating your design is if your custom branded umbrella is weak as a kitten, then, your whole marketing campaign will surely be cold and soaked. So, it’s important to consult with our product designers on getting a quality item that fits your marketing budget.

If you want something innovative and unique, this promotional fan umbrella is a trendy merchandise that you should consider having in your upcoming marketing plans.

Indeed, Cebu Pacific’s outdoor advertising was a success. Not only were they able to reinforce their marketing message, but they were also able to maximize their marketing budget.

So, if you are thinking about a marketing campaign for your business and would love some help, feel free to contact The ODM Group. We can help you design and source high-quality custom promotional gifts and retail merchandise.


Other Ingenious Umbrella Designs:

If you are one who is always worrying about your safety at night especially when it’s raining, worry no more with this Hi-reflective Umbrella. This Hi-reflective Umbrella is basically a glow in the dark umbrella.

The storm umbrella solves all the problems you have been facing with normal umbrellas. For example: your normal umbrella will go inside-out, break, hit you in the eye or your back will be wet. The storm umbrella will protect you from this, its unique design will withstand wind speeds up to 100 km/h or 70 mph.

This is undoubtedly a unique and peculiar characteristic but it isn’t just purely aesthetic, surprisingly the upside down mechanism has some other advantages.