Umbrellas are a very popular promotional product to give away to customers and clients. They have large branding exposure and can be customized with full print colors. When people think about offering umbrellas to clients they usually think of a very common umbrella model but this promo product category is still innovating..

How about this LED umbrella with integrated flash light whilst you stay protected from the rain. There are two LED lights in the umbrellas one at the bottom of the shaft and the other on the top of the product. The LED light is great as it illuminates the umbrella and helps the customer walk during a rainy night.  Since rain reduces visibility this could make for an excellent road safety promotion.

LED lighting integrated Umbrella.

Another model is the Samurai Umbrella, styled to be perceived as a Samurai Sword when not in use! The handle of the umbrellas looks exactly like a samurai’s sword.Now how cool is that for an umbrella concept.

Most umbrellas are held in the hand when they are not being used, which is very inconvenient. The Samurai style umbrella is carried like a sword in a special pouch that you can wear on your back, making the user stand out from crowds and appearing like a Samurai.

Samurai Styled Umbrella

Umbrellas are great promotional tools, they offer large space for customization of design and branding. They are great products for GWP and promotional gifts since they will be used on rainy days by the person that receives the product, which offers increased visibility of the brand name being promoted. Next time your company wants to offer umbrellas to clients or customers think of going a bit more higher end by offering a unique style of umbrella. The two examples above are very eye catching and much higher end then a usual umbrella. These two styles will tend to be more appealing to customers because they have added features.

Contact ODMasia for any help customizing and manufacturing umbrellas. Along with other evergreen promotional products like pens, they are one of the key products we are asked for time and again.