The airline industry is extremely competitive. Thus, in order to pull in more customers, one must offer something that other brands do not. Not only can unique airline promotional items promote your brand, but they can also help improve customer experience. And when customers are satisfied, they will be more willing to give back by supporting your brand.

Vietjet Air’s airline promotional items are great example of effective airline marketing. The custom retail merchandise are well-designed, which greatly helps their strategy. The company is offering a wide range of custom branded products including shirts, model aircraft, bags, caps, and plush toys.

Airline Promotional Items

Airline Promotional Items

These products serve as tangible reminder of their flying experience with Vietjet. So, if you are thinking of an effective promotion for airlines, here are some aviation promotional merchandise that you should consider:


X  Airline Promotional Items to Inspire Customer Loyalty

Wearable Merchandise: Wearable items such as promotional branded t-shirt, custom promotional backpack, branded promotional watches, and caps, make great marketing tools because they last. You gain unlimited exposure on the streets as travelers use them. Customers will definitely use these products and keep them for a long period of time. This means they will become integrated in your customers’ daily life. Thus, they will learn more about your products and services. And Vietjet Air got it right!

Kiddie Products: With kiddie items on sale, Vietjet Air positioned their company as a wholesome brand. They are offering custom designed bags in the shape of an aircraft with bear key chain, winter pilot hat, cap, and baby pilot rompers. If you want to widen your customer base, do not forget to market to kids with cute and practical items they can use during and after the flight. Kids will love the cute aircraft bag as they can use it to keep their snacks or spare clothes. Parents will certainly love to dress their kids in pilot onesies and hats, making their flight even more fun and memorable for parents and kids. The pilot and flight crew uniforms can be used in costume parties or pretend games at home and school.

Airline Promotional Items

Airline Promotional Items

Replica: Vietjet’s aircraft replica serves as a tangible reminder of their experience with the company. Customers can then display them at home or at work. It also makes for a great point of conversation. When relatives and friends see this replica, they will be compelled to ask about your customer’s flying experience. In the end, they might consider booking with the airline for their next trip.

Airline Promotional Items

Airline Promotional Items

Mascots: Mascots and custom plush toys are important in creating a good first impression on your customers. They serve as the face of the brand and create a strong emotional connection with your target audience. As such, clients and customers will have a more positive perception of your company. In this example, Vietjet is selling Vietjet Teddy Bear in Santa costume. As most travelers barely have time to shop, these plushies make great Christmas gifts for loved ones.

Airline Promotional Items

Airline Promotional Items

Other Awesome Items

Novelty Items: Vietjet is also offering novelty items such as keychains, a comfort kit (branded neck pillow and sleep mask), and universal adapters. These items are extremely important when travelling. The comfort kit will ensure a relaxing flight while the key chain allows them to keep mark their luggage or organize their keys. On the other hand, the adapters reduces the need for customers to bring their bulky chargers each time, and allows them to plug in their devices at airports or hotel lobby.

Bags, Pouches and Organizer Kits: Customers value high-utility products like bags, custom promotional pouch bag and organizer kits. This is because they can use them to keep their valuables. Furthermore, they are more likely to use and show off bags with great designs. Vietjet Air certainly maximized their brand strategy with these practical items.


To understand why promotional gifts are beneficial to boosting your airline promotions, here are the key benefits of having airline promotional items.

Benefits of Airline Promotional Items

Customer Retention: Whether it’s food, clothes, or travels, customers are always looking for affordable deals. Therefore, if you want your target audience to choose your airline over your competitors, then you have to make sure they will remember you with practical and high-utility promotional gifts and branded merchandise. Vietjet did a great job advertising their company through their branded merchandise. By offering something customers can keep for years, they are able to build a stronger brand engagement. Thus, customers will always anticipate for your next promotions.

Unlimited Exposure at No Additional Costs: Airline promotional products allow you to gain massive local and international exposure at no additional cost.

Staying Power: Customers will surely use your bags, custom branded umbrellas, travel kit, and pouches every day. Thus, making your brand on top of their mind.


All in all, Vietjet Air was a successful in advertising their brand through unique custom branded aviation promotional products. Such marketing scheme opened up a huge opportunity for them to build customer trust and be known internationally.

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