In Co-Op, a popular supermarket in Vietnam, Amstel is currently running a contest where customers will get a free promotional printed T-Shirt. Their products are showcased in a pallet display and sitting atop the pile of beers are posters explaining the mechanics of the contest.

How to join? Customers who purchase 24 cans of Amstel beer can participate in a lucky draw, where the grand prize would be a promotional printed t-shirt.


Pallet Display - Promotional Printed T-Shirt

Pallet Display – Promotional Printed T-Shirt


What do we like about the use of a Pallet Display?

  • Catches the eye: We love the use of a pallet display as it instantly catches the eye. Walk into a store, and the display is the first thing that one will see. In this case, Amstel’s custom POS display was the first thing that we saw when we walked around the beer section. This proves to be successful marketing for Amstel, as they have gained a potential customer.
Contest - Promotional Printed T-Shirt

Contest – Promotional Printed T-Shirt

  • Versatile: A pallet display is easily customizable, which makes it a brilliant promotional tool for any company. The display can be customized in many ways to fit your needs. For example, the display can be made in different shapes – a tree shape for Christmas, or a shape of a can for a beer company, for example. Imagination is the limit- which is why we like it so much.
  • Dominance: In addition to pallet display and t-shirt, the use of promotional shelf talkers also made the brand stand out. This increases the chances of customers paying more attention to their products. Just look at how Tiger’s products are being overshadowed by the Amstel display!

We also love the use of a Promotional T-Shirt as a giveaway prize. Why is this so?

  • Practical: We like the idea of a promotional t-shirt being used as a contest prize, as a promotional printed t-shirt is something that people will use on a daily basis. It would therefore have a use for them, and they will not see the gift as mere marketing gimmick.
  • Brand Exposure: Using a promotional printed t-shirt also opens up opportunities for increased brand exposure. When people who have won the shirt wear them, other passers-by on the street will be exposed to the shirt. This could spark conversations about the brand, as people may become curious of your company after seeing the shirt.

Therefore, a custom pallet display and a contest giveaway are a powerful combination for boosting your presence inside retail shops. This would lead to an increase in sales and customer volume.


What are some other ways that your company can market your beer products?

  • Advertising: A beer advertising sign would be a great way to attract customers to enter your store and have a look at your products! The sign can incorporate LED features as well to further attract customers to them.
  • Merchandise: Selling beer merchandise would act as a great complement to your company’s main products. This is especially so if they can be used together with each other. They are also good for increasing brand exposure.


In marketing, it is important to use a variety of different marketing tools, in order to attract customers. This ensures that your company’s marketing remains attractive to customers.

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