Heineken is in full speed when it comes to their marketing campaigns in Asia. They have been giving away a lot of promotional items such as caps, mugs, etc. Now, they’re hoping that their t-shirt giveaway will help them further realise their goals.

Heineken Makes A Statement With Its T-shirt Giveaway

Heineken Makes A Statement With Its T-shirt Giveaway

This branded redemption gift can be obtained by purchasing 2 Heineken 6 packs. The design is a simple green bottle with Heineken printed at the neck. The simple design makes it ideal for a casual day out.


How Can A T-shirt Giveaway Help The Brand?

  • Practicality – We can certainly call a promotional t-shirt giveaway as a practical promotion because shirts are part of our needs. It’s an everyday item that we all use and have. Knowing this, Heineken made sure that their shirts have great designs so it would go well with whatever style the customer has. Therefore, this definitely increases brand visibility and portrays Heineken as a brand that constantly rewards its customers. As a result, it strengthens the relationship between the brand and customers
  • Affordable – You always need to consider your marketing budget when producing marketing gifts. Yes, we love to give the best to our customers but sometimes, the best comes with a hefty price tag. Fortunately, basic promo shirts are not expensive to produce and will definitely not cost you an arm and leg. Moreover, ordering by bulk increases your savings even more.
  • Customisability – Brands may print anything on their branded shirts since shirts are easy to customise. Therefore, this makes t-shirts as one of the most in-demand promotional items for various industries. One of the most common printing methods for t-shirts is silk screen printing. If you would like to know more about silk screen printing, feel free to click on the link below

Overall, a t-shirt giveaway campaign is a great way to attract customers to make a purchase. In Heineken’s case, cool design made the shirt more covetable.

So, if you would like to create your own t-shirt giveaway, please contact the ODM team. You may choose from a range of t-shirt materials that we have and even help you in the design. Send us an email to learn how how we can help you design and source promotional t-shirts and other promotional products.


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