To celebrate 50 years of Big Mac, Thailand Mcdonald’s is rewarding customers with a special offer: two limited edition custom shirt design of Big Mac! When purchasing a beef extra value meal, customers can get to buy the shirt at a discounted price of 159 baht, while the usual price is 299 baht (5 USD and 9 USD respectively).

custom shirt design

custom shirt design

The redemption gift is only limited to one per transaction. Consumers can choose between the white shirt that depicts Big Mac or the black shirt that states the ingredients in the Big Mac. There is also the Quick Response (QR) barcode on the promotional cardboard display for customers to learn more about the ongoing promotional campaign.


What Makes the Custom Shirt Design Suitable For Promotional Events?

  • High Customizability – like a blank canvas, it is easy for brands to customize anything they wish. As brands are not restricted, this gives them the freedom to explore what design is the best for the t-shirts. As it is a common item, to differentiate and personalize it, brands need to focus on the message they wish to convey to customers. Hence, the flexibility in customization allows for better flow of creativity.
  • Practical Item – A promotional t-shirt giveaway is practical because it is an everyday item so it becomes indispensable. Moreover, as shirt is printed with Mcdonald’s iconic burger, it only brings awareness to the current campaign. This definitely increases brand visibility and portrays Mcdonald’s as a brand that makes sure customers are constantly rewarded. Hence, it secures customer loyalty and heightens trust in brand.
  • Cost Effective & Easy to Make – brands that partake in such promotional idea will surely order in bulk which will save cost. Moreover there will be many available suppliers to choose from as T-shirts are always in demand. Hence, brands can certainly find a supplier that meet their needs and requirements and this will ensure quality and consistency at an agreeable cost.


Possible Areas of Improvement

  • Innovative Product: Sweatshirt Headphones – instead of offering a typical t-shirt, why not spice things up and release something different? This can make your brand more memorable! Brands can also consider Hidden Message T-Shirts as an option.
  • Gift Set – Brands can also roll out a gift set for customers that consist many item example: U.S. Fitness Health Club Promotional T-Shirt, Towel & Gym Bag Set. This will definitely reinforce positive brand association as customers get to receive more than one item.


Overall, limited edition special offer is a smart way to tempt people to purchase before it runs out of stock. And using a custom designed T-shirt to further improve customer engagement and visibility is a smart tactic that other businesses can adopt to make their own campaign a success.

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