To understand how an advertisement works in Asia, you have to study another brand born within the same continent to know where to even begin. And if there is one worth taking interest to, it is Pocari marketing promotion, a campaign for a sports drink from Japan that has been topping up the energy of young and old athletes since 1980.

Although there are sporting events taking place all year round, a good number of them happen during the summer. With this season moving fast, we can easily assume that the company is banking on it as they hold a massive advertising campaign in China which involves literally over a hundred thousand promo gifts.

Pocari Marketing Promotion - 100,000 Shirts in China

Pocari Marketing Promotion – 100,000 Shirts in China

This sweet sum is all due to the free shirts that Pocari Sweat will give to 100,000 individuals during the advertising period. The apparel is the third prize the consumers can receive, to be honest. However, only two can get the travel allowance that amounts to 3,999 RMB and five will be lucky enough to get limited edition watches worth 1,299 RMB as first and second prizes, respectively. The chances of winning those luxury presents are too little compared to taking home one of the T-shirts; that’s why the final giveaway seems extra attractive to people.

What can encourage the customers to pay attention to the latest Pocari marketing promotion?

  • The Ease of Participation. In this age where even the youngest members of the family have their daily schedules filled with school and extra-curricular work, the adults may like the fact that they can win the prizes by buying a bottle of the sports drink. The indication if they succeeded in getting any of the items is under the cap, so it is fair game for every consumer.
  • The Exclusivity. The number of shirts available to 100,000 winners may sound a lot, but it is not much if you think about the billions of human beings in the world. And when the people in the area take note of it, they will realize how exclusive this offer is. It can ideally increase the count of individuals wanting to purchase the beverage in hopes of winning the promotional products.
  • The Practicality. The T-shirt is among the most common freebies, and yet even large brands like this one can still find a place for it in their array of giveaways. The consumers may be drawn to the material because of the fabric and the color that suit their athletic lifestyle, but the producers may appreciate how it can boost the logo’s visibility.

How did they market the products in the years prior?

More is more for each Pocari marketing campaign. The brand has tested and proven this idea many times over in the recent years as they extend their reach not just in the mainland but also in Hong Kong with various advertising strategies.

On-Pack Promotion

Pocari Marketing Promotion - 100,000 Shirts in China

The promotional lens was the company’s answer to the growing fondness of consumers for handheld cameras way back in 2010. It was a useful accessory for those who wish to focus, create a mirage, encase in a heart, or make their photos sparkle.

This jelly lens comes with two Pocari bottles – as an on-pack promotion, no less – and has a looped thread on one end to make it a keychain. It may become a hit even at the present day, especially to the active members of the new generation that simply love to take selfies.

Purchase with Purchase Promotions

Pocari Marketing Promotion - 100,000 Shirts in China 2

Once upon a time, the brand also marketed travel accessories in a purchase with purchase scheme. The customized bags, organizes, neck pillows, and kits were in the similar color combo as the merchandise so that the customers would get reminded of Pocari Sweat wherever they go.

They went nicely with the vision of the company to provide hydration to people of all ages and sizes. It is just the men and women who are fond of sporting activities that lose electrolytes often since travelers are always on the move too. It may have been great for them to see a brand that offers the drink and the paraphernalia they needed to go to their next destination.

Anniversary Promotion

Pocari Marketing Promotion - 100,000 Shirts in China 3

The 30th-anniversary giveaways of this brand showcase the merchandises that individuals who plan to enjoy the summer can make use of. That is the concept that they seem to want to convey to the clients.

The great thing about these promo towels, isotherm trolleys, and weekender bags is that the people can take them in other outdoor adventures or practice matches they will participate in. Pocari Sweat did not get the shorter end of the stick here, even though they gave away thousands of freebies at this time as well because the brand logo covers large spaces on the items.

Event Display with Redemption Gifts

custom made umbrellas

The company hosted a cool event previously where the attendees could play different sports and win prizes like custom-made umbrellas, power banks, and backpacks. These items are all in the same shade of blue that any Pocari marketing promotion gets recognized for. Similar to the other case studies mentioned above, it took place in the hot season as well, so customers were not afraid to play in the open.

By creating the affair themselves, Pocari Sweat needed not to worry about competition exceeding their capabilities. Best of all, the guest had a lot of fun as they had the opportunity to gain some of these products at the redemption gifts station.

The Conclusion

The poster for the new Pocari marketing promotion contains significant information about the prizes that consumers can get. It’s just that matters would have been better if the brand organized a POS display or some shelf talkers to encourage them to purchase the beverage on impulse. After all, many still stand by the proverb “seeing is believing,” right?

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