St Patricks Day Merchandise – Guinness T-Shirt and Hat

Irish beer brand, Guinness, are promoting St Patricks Day merchandise with this eye catching Shamrock green display poster featuring a promotional offer. With a poster this vivid, it will surely attract the attention of passers-by!

 St Patricks Day Merchandise - Guinness T-Shirt and Hat

St Patricks Day Merchandise – Guinness T-Shirt and Hat

This promotion by Guinness, announces that with every purchase of three pints of Guinness for $45 you will be given celebratory St Patricks Day Merchandise, and this merchandise is either a hat or a T-shirt. This St Patricks Day merchandise makes a good incentive product as customers, for such a widely celebrated Irish Saint day, will want to get their hands on both products to show their patriotism.

The promo poster itself also shows five pints and hands in the poster, showing that this is an event for people to celebrate together with friends, meaning there will be a lot of Guinness pints purchased and that means a lot of promotional merchandise handed out, overall increasing your sales.

St Patricks Day Merchandise - Guinness T-Shirt and Hat

St Patricks Day Merchandise – Guinness T-Shirt and Hat

St Patricks Day merchandise and why is it a good marketing technique?

  • Increase brand awareness. Free merchandise is a great way for increasing your brand awareness, as people especially if it is for a recurring event will re-use it in the future. T-shirts especially are extremely useful to wear as a spare item of clothing even after the event. Which means other people will be exposed to your brand. Just remember wearing hats are also sure to attract attention!
  • Perceived value. This St Patrick’s Day merchandise is an easy way to spread the cheer of St Patrick’s Day and also for other events/ celebrations. Even if you aren’t Irish, promotional merchandise is an excellent technique for making customers feel a part of the celebration. If you make people feel a part of the party they will value your brand more positively.

How could this promotion be improved? 

  • While this actual poster is bright and grabs attention, it does not however show the customer what the T-Shirt or hat actually look like. When promoting it is important to make the customer aware of what you are exactly offering them i.e by using the product pictures in display and showing them in pictures on posters.
    This will allow customers to decide if for example they want to receive the gift, or which they would prefer to have.
  • Using an in-premise display to actually promote your product would further increase your awareness. Customers this way can see for themselves what your product looks like, and a bigger display will surely grab more attention. The greater the attention, the greater your sales and brand exposure.
Case Study: “It’s Pimm’s o’clock!” Brand Activation Campaign

Case Study: “It’s Pimm’s o’clock!” Brand Activation Campaign

Back in 2011, Pimm’s did an excellent summer Brand Activation Campaign for their branded merchandise. This display had positive results due to it summer theme and catchphrase ‘It’s Pimm’s O’ Clock’, even to the point that all posters and T-Shirts for example adopted it in its design.

Guinness could think also do this kind of merchandising and promoting for St Patrick’s day by offering displays and creating more Irish themed merch and promoting them. This would increase your brand awareness, popularity, and is great for sharing on social media to promote your brand image. Furthermore, Guinness like Pimm’s have done, could add their slogan to these products.

If you’re interested in these promotional merchandise, then please get in contact with us here. Our design team, can assist you in creating your own celebratory event and holiday merchandise, that you can use to promote your brand. For more merchandise and St Patrick promotion ideas feel free to look at some of our other blogs.

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Frequently Asked Questions :

When is Saint Patrick's Day?

St. Patrick's Day falls on every 17 March

What is a gift with purchase?

A gift-with-purchase is a sales promotion strategy brand managers use to encourage impulse purchases. It gives customers an added value by offering a gift for purchasing their product. The gift is usually different from the core product, but is ideally complementary to the product.

What is a redemption gift?

Redemption gifts are a form of gift-with-purchase. Unlike on-pack promotions, redemption gifts are usually redeemed at the counter or directly liased with the company.


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