Working in restaurants can be hectic; constant orders coming through, precise food specifications and to top it off you don’t even get to eat there yourself! For companies that are associated with this lifestyle and want to promote their brand in all the chaos, this promotional idea is perfect.

A table number stand is very important in any catering business, making those orders a little easier to deliver without the awkward questions of who’s food is who’s. Whether it’s fast food, a sandwich bar or a five star restaurant these stands have hundreds of opportunities to promote you company.

With the recent end to one of the biggest food showcase events in the world, Gulfoods, this table number food stand would be the perfect promotional product for use either at the event itself or as a give away gift to customers and potential business partners.

Promotional Idea For Food Companies - Table Number Stand

Promotional Idea For Food Companies – Table Number Stand

The fast food chain Burger King have an excellent example of this promotional idea being used.

Why this is a great promotional idea:

  1. Easily customisable to suit your company brand and target market with a wide variance in where the branding and how the branding can be placed.
  2. Different materials available to use.  Steel or plastic can be used depending on what style you would like to go for. The availability in different materials also means different prices are available when ordering these products – making it even more adaptable to your company.
  3. Can be used both in store and at events to advertise your brand.
  4. Hundreds of colours to choose from due to its generally simple design.

ODM has a creative team of designers and sales staff to help develop your companies next promotional idea. We can create an array of products, from this stand all the way to plush toys and clothing. If you are interested in finding the next promotional gift for your company then get in touch today for a quote and see what we have to offer.

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