There is no denying that the food delivery industry has skyrocketed due to the seismic changes brought by the pandemic. And this means that there is an increased need for effective food packaging. As the food delivery business continues to boom, the competition becomes tougher. And here’s where a sustainable takeout food packaging idea comes in.


takeout food packaging

Takeout Food Packaging

Made from eco-friendly materials, this food packaging is an ideal product that adheres to sustainable marketing.


How Does Food Packaging Steer Up Your Food Delivery Business?

Food packaging is not just about practicality. Moreover, it is a very effective way to advertise a brand. In a survey conducted, 7 out of 10 customers (72%) concurred that the product packaging design influences their purchasing decision. Listed below are the ways how this custom takeaway fast food box can steer up your food business.


1. Makes Food More Enticing

Given the fact that the food you serve is already enticing, how can you make it more appealing for customers to crave more? Making the food container aesthetically pleasing gives reason for clients to make a repeat order from you. Thus, the customizability of this food container enables you to design it according to your brand identity.

takeout food packaging

Takeout Food Packaging Idea

Available in various sizes (16oz, 26oz, 32oz), this cup is a perfect canvas on which to print your brand logo. Logo printing could be made through glossy and matt lamination, embossing, and stamping. Furthermore, you may include additional details about your business in the packaging. In essence, it also serves as a business card to entice more customers.


2. Ensure Food Safety

Designed with a metal and plastic handle, you can ensure that the food you prepared can safely be delivered to your customers. The upgraded version of this food packaging avoids food leakage while the food is being delivered. The kraft paper used for the product has a thickness of 300GSM, enough to load viands. The material was also coated with wax that makes it even more sturdy.

takeout food packaging

Takeout Food Packaging

The compact cover ensures that the food is free from contamination, especially today, when disease-causing germs are anywhere. Moreover, ensuring that the orders are safe during delivery from your place to your customers is important in earning their trust.


3. Maintains the Food Temperature

Making sure that you meet your consumers’ expectations is key to improving customer relations. Keeping the food fresh, hot, and intact, is the purpose of this packaging. The cup has a good insulating effect that maintains the right food temperature. So you don’t have to worry about receiving complaints from customers who are very disappointed with your food products.


4. Promotes the Brand Values

Environmentally friendly, this takeout food box is a better way to reinforce green marketing. This is a simple way of conveying your values to the public. This promotional packaging is definitely disposable and biodegradable. Besides, customers may opt to keep this cup and use it for other purposes.

takeout food packaging

5. Helps Sell More Food

Aside from their taste buds, people buy food with their eyes. The way food is presented makes them drool, that is why making your food appealing is very important. Furthermore, making your food container captivating piques the interest of your customers. Hence, this food packaging is a brilliant way to advertise your brand. Catchy and made of high-quality material, it can easily grab the attention of potential clients.


Tips on How to Intensify Sales Amidst the Pandemic

If you are one of those food businesses that shift to off-premise dining and push through the food delivery option, here are some sneaky tips and tricks to leg up your sales.

1. Have an Online Presence

Many people spend hours on social media. They find it more convenient to shop online, especially now that the world is not yet fully recovered from the pandemic. Thus, following the new trend can help you get closer to your prospective clients. A mobile-friendly app or website can be your medium to promote your food delivery business online.

2. Provide Cashless Transaction

The Covid-19 pandemic turns people into more health-conscious citizens. As much as possible,  they avoid having contact with other people outside their households. But the question is, how would they transact with other people when buying necessities? Here’s where cashless transactions come in. It enables them to purchase food and other necessities without physical contact. Thus, offering cashless payment would help your business attract more customers. This service proves that you care and that you prioritize your customers’ safety.

3. Offer Free Giveaway Items

Giving away complimentary items or meals would quicken your business popularity. You may offer free appetizers, side dishes, or drinks for free. Since most people are fond of getting items without spending, this gimmick would be a surefire way to make your business popular.

4. Offer Free Delivery Promos

The height of delivery services during the pandemic is very evident. Therefore, all businesses that offer such services try to make their own style to make customers support them. And one of these is the free shipping and free delivery promos. Free delivery promos can help you build extra visibility, generate more clients, and gain referrals through word of mouth.

You may offer free delivery services once customers met certain conditions such as buying X amount of food. Or give regular customers a chance to redeem a product. But where does the paper packaging comes in?

The packaging can be a great place on which to advertise the mechanics. Or you may add a scratch-off code, similar to lottery, to win giveaway prizes.

5. Dress Up Your Food Packaging

Food packaging serves a number of purposes to a food business. It mainly serves to protect the food from contamination. Takeout food packaging also serves as a tactile brand ambassador. Moreover, it has the ability to create a connection between the brand and the customers. Making it more attractive can help drag more buyers.


To Sum Up,

Customized food packaging is important in promoting your food delivery business. It is the physical representation of your brand’s identity. Thus, it helps differentiate your brand from your competitors. Investing in it is such a clever move especially for small-scale business enterprises.


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