Celebrate International Tea Day this December 15th. Enjoy your tea with this custom tea bag packaging!


Here’s a cup full of surprises! These teabag packaging will surely make your day. A beautiful custom tea packaging is not only fun to look at, but it is also a great way to encourage more people to drink tea and reap its health benefits.

Specifically, it is the tag attached to the teabag that is eye-catching. They come in various colors and designs. So this makes tea really fun to drink.

Custom Tea Packaging

Custom Tea Packaging

Why invest in such a custom packaging when marketing tea? Around 2 billion people consume tea every morning, making it one of the most consumed beverages in the world. Fun fact: there are over 1000 varieties of tea. Can you imagine how lucrative this industry is? With that said, there is a need for tea brands to differentiate themselves from the competition. And one way to do that is to make your packaging visually enticing.

When deciding what food or drinks to buy, we often make appearance-based decisions. This is especially true when we are trying new products. Although we cannot immediately tell how they would taste just by looking at the packaging, we cannot deny the fact that it can have an effect on our buying behavior. So, if you want to spice up your tea products, here are some custom tea packaging ideas to inspire your next campaign.


Custom Tea Packaging Ideas to Keep Your Sales Hot

Here is a cute design with cute smiley kids as the main teabag design. This would be a great way to encourage the younger market to try your tea products.

Custom Tea Packaging

Custom Tea Packaging


See how cute and functional the teabag packaging is. Normally, the tags would just fall on the side of the cup. But with this fun design, it looks as if the tiny people were just chilling in the water.

Custom Tea Packaging

Custom Tea Packaging


A bus full of tea! We love that the cover has slits so that the tea tags are sticking out.

Custom Tea Packaging

Custom Tea Packaging


Swimming time! These funny and cute “oba-chan” and “oji-sans” look like they are having fun relaxing in a swimming pool.

Custom Tea Packaging

Custom Tea Packaging


Why Have Quirky Custom Tea Packaging?

Fun Factor

The quirky packaging adds a fun factor to everyone’s cup of tea. We all have this notion that tea is for older people, but you can change that perception by making your packaging vibrant and dynamic.

Creative Marketing

These packaging solutions offer marketing managers a lot of room for creativity. Instead of just having your brand name, you can make them look very engaging and impactful. But who can use these cute packaging designs? Aside from tea brands, these are also great for hotels, restaurants, theme parks, and even automotive companies.

To make it fun, use your brand mascot for finer brand recall. You may also make chibi caricatures of famous people and licensed characters to make them recognizable, appealing, and personable.

Spark Conversations

We love to offer our guests drinks, and these personal moments are the perfect time to advertise your brand. The cute characters will no doubt inspire conversations about the product. When people are in a relaxed state, they have their guard down, and they are more receptive to the advertising messages printed in their cups and in their teabags. Doing this doubles brand exposure.

Drive Sales

Creative designs attract people, which in turn drive conversion and ultimately, sales. The novelty of the packaging will no doubt spark word of mouth. As you can see, the designs are Instagram-worthy. So why not have an official hashtag for them, which customers can use for when they want to brag about these cute teabags?

Seasonal Campaigns

These cute custom branded packaging are also great for seasonal campaigns. Creating fresh designs for specific seasons will give customers something new to look forward to every season. For instance, using pastel colors and designs that give off summer vibes like people swimming, tropical fruits, and flip flops for summer promotions. Capitalizing on major festivities is definitely a great move.


Contact ODM

Do you need help with your brand packaging design? Fortunately, we have in-house designers who can help you create effective and high-quality designs for your products. We can help you from brainstorming to sketching, and 3D rendering. So if you are interested in having designs that convert, then feel free to contact Mindsparkz. If you are looking for new promotional product ideas and custom promotional merchandise for business, ODM will help you out! Feel free to contact us. Do not forget to reference product code ODM-2841 to get a quote for these cute custom tea packaging.

Because we want to help you find more design inspirations, we have put together a list of packaging design ideas to check out!


Packaging Ideas to Inspire Your Next Brand Campaign

We found this tea packaging idea at a supermarket in Sri Lanka. We absolutely love the design and colors used in their canisters.


This one is such an iconic product packaging that caught our attention. Made from tin, the packaging is definitely sturdy and well-designed.


Here is a fantastic example of a simple yet very practical and easy to implement packaging idea for credit and debit cards, value cards, and more.


Like tea, coffee is a widely-consumed beverage. So there are lots of competition here. This is why a packaging that turns heads is a must. Check out this example by Jalpa Gold Coffee.


Find out how Brennans packaging is winning the shelf war with its personalized bread packaging:


Disney fans will surely love Kit Kat’s newest chocolate packaging. Find out why it stood out to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the custom teabag packaging be manufactured?

ODM has managed to build a network of over 2,000+ factories – with a huge variety of production capabilities in China, Vietnam and India, etc. Do not hesitate to contact us for more detailed information.

What is the importance of custom tea packaging?

Custom packaging increases the value aesthetic of a company and also paves the way to draw new customers. Custom tea bags with logo are an easy to promote your brand.

What are some other ways to promote your product?

Some other options for promotional strategies include gift with purchases, on-pack promotions, promotional giveaways etc.