We absolutely love this custom product packaging by Jalpa Gold Coffee. We spotted this excellent packaging idea in a supermarket in Kathmandu, Nepal. Their coffee packaging features logo prints all over the canister. Their product packaging with logo is undeniably durable and eye-catching.

Product Packaging with Logo

Product Packaging with Logo

Upon seeing the products on the shelf, we felt the urge to go and examine them. The canister is made from aluminum and is nicely-branded. The lid has some sort of a window to allow customers to see through the custom brand packaging.

Product Packaging with Logo

Product Packaging with Logo


We are so used to seeing coffee in jars or plastic packaging, but Jalpa Gold Coffee take their packaging to a whole new level with a unique canister packaging, which customers can also use after consuming the contents.

It is eco-friendly in that it is reusable. Therefore, this is a win-win for the company, the customers, and the environment!

How you present your product can have a positive impact on your customers’ buying behavior. People are visual creatures, which is why beautiful and unique designs pique our curiosity. As your packaging is the first impression customers will get from your brand, it is critical to work hard on your brand packaging design.


How a Unique Product Packaging Can Drive Impulse Purchase

  • Company Values Show– While PET is cheaper than glass and aluminum, it is not safe for the environment and could potentially leak toxic chemicals. Furthermore, many people nowadays are choosing reusable products than one-time-use ones in an effort to help the environment. As the packaging can still be utilized long after the coffee has been consumed, more people will choose it over other brands.


  • Sturdy Packaging Improves Product Value– When it comes to your product packaging, it should be sturdy enough to keep the contents safe and in great condition. In this example, Jalpa Gold Coffee’s packaging is obviously sturdy and of high-quality, so you can be sure that the aroma and taste are preserved.
Product Packaging with Logo

Product Packaging with Logo


  • Brand Remembrance – With your logo printed on the body, customers will surely remember your brand for years to come. According to studies, products with logo or brand name have more recall than products without. In this case, Jalpa Gold Coffee will surely be able to extend its visibility for several months to years through its branded product packaging.


  • Differentiate Your Products from the Rest – Our retail shelves are filled with many different products competing for customer attention. Therefore, we need to make our products stand out by using attention-grabbing packaging and Jalpa Gold Coffee got it right!


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