What is a Specification Sheet?

A specification sheet, or in short, specs sheet – is a document that identifies the details of a product design prior to production. It allows us to protect our clients in circumstances in which a factory fails to produce satisfactory products. It also helps us protect our selected factories when clients expect more than what was agreed upon. This document confirms how the custom promotional product will look like before resources are invested in production. Ultimately, it will save us more time and money. Specification sheets are also otherwise known as ‘Design Approval Form’.

Specification Sheet

Example of a Specification Sheet: Hand Sanitizer with Custom Label Sticker


As implied by the name, we want to be as specific as possible. In general, a specification sheet should include the following details :

1. Item name & Order quantity

Specify the type and quantity of promotional products you would like to mass-produce.
For example, 5000 units of Custom Hand Sanitizer OR 5000 pcs of Branded Stickers

2. Type of material(s)

Specify the material involved in manufacturing the promotional product.
For example, our selected factories might recommend PETE plastics for manufacturing food-grade items.

3. Size, scale, and measurements

Specify the size and scale of the product. This can include the orientation of the design relative to the product.

4. Colors

Specify the colors used in designing the product. This is important because colors displayed on the screen can be different from real-life colors.
Depending on the method of printing, this can come in the form of CMYK or Pantone colors.

5. Custom Logo/Design

Specify the specific logo or design used to personalise the promotional product.
The aspect ratio of the design has to be accurate, as it will be used as reference when applying it to the final product.

6. Sample image of the product

Specify the overall look of the product.
This will set the standard of how the product should look like holistically.

Production time can be a very long process. With a specification sheet, we minimise any errors in between and the lead time that the product should land on your doorstep. Over at ODM, we are committed to serving high-quality product and maximising the accuracy of the final product. If you have further enquiries on how we construct our specification sheet, do not hesitate to contact us and we will enlighten you with more information.


About Mindsparkz

Mindsparkz is a design agency that works closely with ODM to help our clients with designing-related services. From brand logos to custom hand sanitizer bottle-glorifiers, our creative experts can come up with designs that will best represent your brand. They are also responsible for constructing the specification sheets that our industry heavily relies on.


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