Here is another factory visit blog! This time one of our ODM staff visited a factory which specialises in manufacturing wine accessories. Blogs focussing on China factory visits are a great way to understand the products and the manufacturing process. We try to visit as many factories as possible to ensure a great relationship between the two. Along with check for high standards, factory conditions and guarantee smooth transactions for our clients. We have a range of factory visit blogs due to the variety of different products we produce. Each factory creates a range of factories, all at different quantities and processes. In this blog, the factory visit will be explained, viewing their wine accessories along with an insight into the manufacturing of products.


Here’s the first few looks into the factory:

The factory manufacturing was only taking place on one floor and was quite small scaled. The first picture shows the storage room holding finished products and pieces. In the second picture, workers are sitting at rows of tables, all with different responsibilities while they work at their stations. The third picture highlights the small detailed pieces of the electric wine bottle opener. An employee is putting together the battery pack within the plastic holding and connecting wires which took a lot of precision.





Types of Custom Wine Accessories at The Factory: 

  • Champagne Stoppers – This is one of the best wine promotional products. It comes in a range of colours and can be engraved with the brand design or logo. The paint is also plated.




  • Vacuum Stopper and Pump Set – This custom wine set is a popular item due to the extra function compared to a regular wine stopper. The vacuum function stops oxygen from getting into the bottle. The more the stopper is pumped, the more vacuum is concealed in. These vacuum wine stoppers can come in different colours. They can also be customized to add a logo by engraving or silk printing.



  • Wine Aerator Pourer – This product is one of the factories most popular items over the past few years. A custom wine aerator can either be used by itself or there is a stand available.



  • Electric Wine Cork Bottle Opener – This branded wine opener makes opening a bottle seem like a piece of art. The slow and precise swirl of the corkscrew piercing the cork and removing it makes it entrancing to watch. Colours for this product can also be customized and designed with your brand’s logo. For more ideas on bottle openers, here’s a 3-in-1 promotional bottle opener and credit card bottle opener.



  • Wine Chiller Cubes – These 2-in-1 drink cubes can come in a range of shapes and designs in packs. The two functions of this product involves an aerator and cooler. They need to be frozen for a few hours just like ice cubes. Put them in a glass to cool the drink down.  The chiller cubes are also reusable after a wash which makes them sustainable!


  • Electric Pourer – This is a fairly new product in the making, so here’s a sneak peek. It has multi-functions as a pourer and an aerator. The pourer only needs to be charged for 1.5 hours to reach full charge and has the ability to pour 20 bottles which is pretty impressive!


  • Packaging – There is packaging available for all of these products, wine merch design can also be offered at a small extra cost, customized to the shape of your promotional product.


Why it’s Good To Visit Factories:

There are numerous reasons why it’s good to go on factory visits. A few of them include maintaining clear communication between two parties, finding out more information on products, and double-checking details to ensure expectations are met. It is also a great chance to find out more about making products In china. It is also important to check if the factory has any audits such as a Sedex audit or BSCI audit.

For the products, there is a code for each item incase you are interested in them. When contacting our China or Vietnam office, please quote the relevant code.

  • Champagne Stoppers – 2796
  • Vacuum Stopper and Pump Set – 2797
  • Wine Aerator Pourer – 2795
  • Electric Wine Cork Bottle Opener – 2798
  • Wine Chiller Cubes – 2794
  • Electric Pourer – 2799


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This factory visit blog post focuses on the daily life of factory workers. Factory audits are conducted by ODM to prevent us from working hand in hand with factories that are not ideal.


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